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Nov 2, 2007 06:54 PM

Good Baltimore Brunch

I am celebrating a birthday with family on a Sunday. We usually do brunch but need some suggestions of where to go. Last year we did Cynthias. It was excellent and would recommend it highly. Looking for good food that is a little innovative in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Miss Shirley's on Coldspring or Blue Moon in Fells Point would both fit the bill.

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      ko1's advice is good if you don't mind waiting for a table -- you'll definitely have to at either of those.

      If you want a more relaxed outing, Gertrude's does brunch and I believe takes reservations.

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        Gertrudes is a very nice spot for brunch, but it's so popular now that you definitely need a reservation. Another good spot to try is Petit Louis, as the parking is easy and the service is great.

    2. The Morning Edition Cafe has very good food, but be prepared to wait. It's usually crowded.

      1. Hull Street Blues in Locust Point area use to do a very nice brunch, haven't been in a while though

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          I like Hull St., it's a nice buffet but left it off my short list as there's nothing "innovative" about the food unlike Blue Moon and Miss Shirley's.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like we will give Miss Shirley's a try. Since they don't take reservations, we will make it a late lunch instead.

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              Today we celebrated my birthday with a late brunch / lunch at Miss. Shirleys. We were a party of 8 including 2 kids. I was very disapointed. We were seated within 15 minutes (pretty good). Our acne face covered waiter was a bit overwhelming with suggestions that turned out not so hot.

              APPS-We chose a few items for apps; 2 orders of potato pancakes, sweet potato fries, basket of biscuits, and fried green tomoatoes. The waiter did not place both orders of potato pancakes. The biscuits were good, fries were greasy and limp and the potato pancakes were tough. The other order showed up after a second inquiry.
              Main Dish- 4 of us chose different pancake dishes. I ordered oatmeal raisin pancakes with cream cheese icing. They came out as cinnamon pancakes. He reordered and they came out 20 minutes after everyone else had been eating. The pancakes were very heavy and dense. There was no cream cheese icing. My father's blueberry pancakes were nice and light. The kids enjoyed their banana pancakes and chocolate pancakes. The egg dishes looked better. The Oyster shirley fella was enjoyed and the smoked salmon benedict also. Two got sanwiches which both seemed good but not great. My pancakes were removed from the bill after a third inquiry on how everything was. No one told us they were not charging for my pancakes just happened to notice. Very poor service and management. We were there at the end of their busy rush, maybe that was the problem. Wish I had gone back to Cynthias instead.

              1. re: cakeguy

                Wow, worst experience I've heard of there. I really like that oyster dish. Sorry things turned out so poorly and thanks for letting us know.

          1. Where is Cynthias? Can you give some detail? I have never heard of it. Thanks

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              Cynthias is an upscale local restaurant on Ritchie Highway in Severna Park -- the southern part of the Baltimore metro area. Check out their menu:


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                The young chef and pastry chef (Cynthia) couple worked in big-deal places in CA and NY and it's just fabulous. Empty weekday lunchtime, better prices than dinner. Between a Ledo's and an AA Seafood, by the mattress store, where Woodfire and Bill Bateman's are on Ritchie Hwy at McKinsey. When they say you have to pay for the special dinner rolls at lunch, they are def worth it.