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Nov 2, 2007 06:26 PM

blue hill vs. blue hill?

can anyone recommend the "town" or "country" version, one over the other?
does the country version have lunch and tours of the farm? i've not been able to surf their site too successfully. thank you!

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  1. I've been to both and prefer the country. There are farm tours available. The sunday brunch is quite good at Stone Barns Blue Hill

    1. what is the "town" and "country" version? Have been to Stone Barns Blue Hill, but not sure what you are referring to.

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      1. re: G3B

        I think OP is asking about Blue Hill Stone Barns (country) vs. Blue Hill in Manhattan (town)

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          Thanks, I never think of Manhattan as a town, so I never made the connection.

      2. You have to go to the Country one. It is superior - do the tasting menu. If you get there early enough can you tour the farm too.

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          Along the same vein, if traveling to Stone Barns is not feasable, would blue hill manhattan still be a great choice ovr other manhattan restaurants at that price point, or should I take my city dining dollars somewhere else?

        2. BH@SB is superior. Dan Barber is a far superior chef, and the ingredients are the freshest you'll find anywhere in the US except for possibly Manresa in CA. Blue Hill proper (in the city) is still a great choice, but I'd suggest Grammercy Tavern as your alternative -- especially now. It's hitting on all cylinders and really putting out some of the best food in the city, bar none (including Per Se). Mike Anthony is on a roll, with a renewed focus. He's got Michelin stars in his eyes, and it's showing on the plate.

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              Love both but the "country" was much more of a unique experience - you can tour the farm, go for a walk, see some sheep, pick herbs... As for the restaurant, we loved the tasting menu and fabulous service (and what a beautiful location). In the warmer weather, take your dessert out on the terrace.

          1. I think Stone Barn is wonderful, but would point out that it's not as interesting if it is dark, so this may not be the best time of year to fully experience the place-and trust me, it is quite dark once night falls.
            I ate quite recently at the "city" location, and think the quality is pretty close to Stone Barn-they bring down products from the farm each is well worth your time and expense.