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Nice cheapish place to eat around the Arclight in Hollywood

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Anyone have any suggestions for a quick, cheapish place to eat at around the Arclight? Any type of food... Thanks!

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  1. Maybe not what you're looking for, but we usually hit Sharky's on Cahuenga before going to Arclight. It's quick and maybe more cheap than ish. It's walkable and predictable. Most of the stuff on the menu is good. They also have Horchata Margaritas.

    *The last sentence is not true.


    1. Skooby's Hot Dogs on Hollywood Blvd...very cheap and very good dogs.

      6654 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

      1. I found a pretty good thread about this after posting. Looks like Hungry Cat is a pretty good solution.


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          Hungry Cat is really lovely but I wouldn't call it cheap. What about Lucky Devil's?

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            for two people, each having a drink, a dish, and splitting dessert with cappuccino, the tab came to $77 before tip.

        2. I really like Marios Peruvian (excellent saltados) and Tere's (killer chili relleno burrito and great Mexican chicken vegetable soup), both of which are a very short drive, but not within easy walking distance.

          Tere's Mexican Grill
          5870 Melrose Ave Ste 1, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
          5786 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          1. Bowery, which is on Sunset, just east of Vine, is not very expensive.

            1. I highly recommend trying Cheebo on Sunset.Its up the street from the Arclight and you can normaly find plenty of parking on the side streets. It has fabulous pizza (mostly made with organic ingredients), delicious pastas and meat and the most amazing brownies and cookies for dessert. Its fairly quick and inexpensive (for what it is)...the atmosphere is very intimate and artsy.

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                Cheebo is tasty but definitely not cheap -- everything's organic, which always means more $$. And I think the portions are small for what you pay. Plus, it's about a mile from the Arclight, which to most LA people is not walkable.

              2. I'll get flamed for this but the Arclight cafe has some passable dishes. Their classic cheeseburger is good, as is the French dip, their fries, and several of the salads. Plus they have a good selection of beers.

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                  I was very happy with my dinner at the upstairs bar at Arclight. I had the French Dip/Caesar salad combo and my SO had the chicken chili and corn tamale. Both dinners were tasty and fresh and I thought very reasonably priced, considering the location. I was just disappointed I had not left room for the house-made caramel corn!

                2. Los Balcones del Peru is the perfect solution. The right price and an easy walk from the parking structure at the Arclight at 1360 Vine Street. Do a search here for numerous favorable review on this place.

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                    i second los balcones - places like that are rare
                    the arclight cafe isn't bad however
                    lucky devil's is a little hit and miss

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                      I third Los Balcones. Just allow time for slightly pokey service. Food is great & portions are great value for the $$.

                  2. I found the ArcLight Cafe to be awful....really inedible stuff. And I wanted to like it, since I go to that theater a lot. There were a couple of appetizer type things in the bar that were ok...but I had very bad experiences with everything else. The cheeseburger was really ok? How recently was this? Maybe it's improved and I should give it another try.

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                      I've tried 3 or 4 times and it's always the same. The food is always average at best and the service is horrible. Slow, inattentive or just incompetent. One time we were utterly abandoned which was bizarre, because they knew we were going to a film. We ordered burgers (unremarkable) and it took almost an hour. We were late to our film.

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                        I too had horrible service at the Arclight Cafe -- and I was there at midday on a weekday, when hardly anyone else was. Plus, food is so-so.

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                        I found it so. Nice toasted bun, decent meat, onions didn't have that sliced in the morning taste, tomatoes had been refrigerated (when will they ever learn?), but I enjoyed it. This was about two weeks ago (it's awards screening season so we have been going there about three evenings a week). Fries are good. Service is randomly good or bad. Most of the waitstaff appear to be aspiring thespians rather than professional restaurant employees, but I have had several good experiences. Salads are always good, fresh greens with a lovely vinaigrette. And, just to be redundant, a good selection of beers. Never found it to be inedible - maybe not spectacular, but a decent meal at a decent price in a very good theater.

                      3. I've always enjoyed Vivoli Cafe on Sunset (http://www.vivolicafe.com/), about a ten minute drive from the arclight. Really tasty, huge portions, and very friendly staff.

                        1. For quick & cheap, you might try Super Tortas in the strip mall at the southwest corner of Fountain and Vine.

                          1. Magnolia makes (in big portions) yummy fries,roasted brussel sprouts, and a great martini. Don't like the wine glasses though. I like sitting in the bar area much more than in the back.

                            1. I've always enjoyed FABIOLUS CAFE - 6270 W. Sunset Blvd. I love their sandwiches and salads. Pretty reasonably priced.