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Nov 2, 2007 04:30 PM

KEY WEST favorites for next week

We are two couples from New Mexico looking for Cuban, Italian, Seafood (esp. oysters). We like local, non-touristy (if possible), tradiltional food and flavor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also... and reccomendations for the way down or back?


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  1. In KW
    For Cuban El Siboney
    For Oysters - Alonzo's or Half Shell Oyster Bar
    For Italian - Antonia's or Mangia Mangia
    Also 915, Alice's and Santiago's Bodega

    1. I'll second Antonia's. They have maybe the best pasta I've ever had. However, for me and my wife the number one reason we like to go to Key West is Bahama Mama's kitchen. Their ginger curry chicken is the best meal I've ever had (think light curry not creamy). It's a very laid back place with patio eating. I can't recommend it enough.

      1. Ricky's Blue Heaven Breakfast, lunch and dinner KW
        On the way down:
        Calypso in Key Largo
        Square Grouper Cudjoe Key MM 22

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          Square Grouper is wonderful. Also up there checkout Sugarloaf Food Company. 7 Mile Grill, in Marathon, is a wonderful place to stop for a quick bite. They have been around for decades.
          Blue Heaven is really only good at breakfast. They seem to have had a bit of turnover in the kitchen lately. You won't find too many locals there for lunch and dinner anymore (they never really did eat lunch there but the dinners weren't half bad, just overpriced).

          1. re: Suzie

            I'm surprised to hear that about Ricky's...seeing how I had one of the best dinners in my life there...

            1. re: netmover

              Oh everyone should still try it once and like I said breakfast is still good (but a lot more expensive than it once was. He has got to fight and pay for those legal battles) but most tend to agree he has become another tourist trap like Mangoe's, Bagatelle, and Louie's did before him. There are a lot of things that have opened in the last 5 years or so that are doing a great job.
              915 is wonderful and was just invited to cook for the James Beard Fondation. It was so good that they were asked back (something that rarely ever happens).

              1. re: Suzie

                Legal battles? What happened? I had heard he oopened an office next door that got nixxed, could that be what you are referring to?

        2. At the top of the Keys, take Cardsound Road to Alabama Jacks. They open at 11am and close at 6 or 7 but they have the best conch fritters you will ever have. Its a very cool laid back place.
          Also up there check out Robert is Here. Its a very cool fruit stand with great shakes.

          1. Pepe's, in Key West, is a good spot for oysters.