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Nov 2, 2007 04:07 PM

I need a Vegetarian Friendly Dim Sum place

Not a vegetarian dim sum restaurant but rather a regular one that I can take my parents to that has some vegetarian options.
i have gone to dim sum many times with meat eaters and ended up only being able to order greens off the menu. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. i love the Vegetarian Dim Sum House but my parents won't go for strickly vegetarian.


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  1. Well, they don't do the carts thing, but Congee Village has dimsum with a few veg options.

    1. You should go to Dim Sum Go Go. They have quite a wide selection for vegetarian dim sum, and there is a platter of veg. dim sum that you can choose so you can try one of diffferent types. The platter option is also available for non-veg. dim sum dishes.

      Dim Sum Go Go is more similar to the modern Cantonese style dim sum places in Hong Kong (i.e. lighter and smaller in size, less oil, thinner dumpling skin, and order off the menu not from cart). I like it a lot more than the old-school dim sum places, but those restaurants have plenty of fans, so it is up to you.

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        I have to second the recommendation for Dim Sum Go Go. Yes, you'll miss the cart experience (which admittedly is a part of the Dim Sum charm) - but Dim Sum Go Go's food is really, really good. That's coming from a dim sum afficiando, *and* a vegan...

      2. Unfortunately every place I have been to uses fish sauce and oyster paste in many of their dim sum dishes, boils their dumplings in chicken stock, and fries their goyoza in the same pan/wok as the beef, sooooo... If you find a place that is strict about dividing it up, or even has separate kitchens (lots of traditional Asian restaurants do because of the dominant Buddhist culture), let us all know!