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Nov 2, 2007 03:12 PM

Little Italy Recommendation

Would like to go to a solid Italian Restaurant, and will be in this district tomorrow. Non-pretentious and not too popular, more like a trattoria. I've 'x' ed places like Il Gatto Nero (bad service) Bar Italia (too loud and trendy). Any recommendations are appreciated...

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  1. Are there still any of these places left in "Little Italy?" I'm curious to see what you come up with. I've always heard good things about giancarlo's, but I think it violates your rules about pretension and popularity.

    1. Giovanna's on College at Grace is a wonderful tradtional Italian Resto...Mom in the Kitchen and Pop and Son manning the Wood burning pizza oven...Miranda

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        I actually remember having a good experience at Giovanna's once a few years ago - and that's the type of environment/meal that I like and am looking for. Just to confirm, I researched reviews of Giovanna's and found nothing but horror stories - back to square one.

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          I really like Gian-Carlo's on Clinton one building South of College...more expensive but amazing food,ambiance and service....Miranda