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Nov 2, 2007 02:37 PM

Mineral Springs Ave, Providence/N.Providence

Hi everyone,

My new job has me frequently at Fatima Hospital, and with Mineral Springs Ave right nearby, I was wondering if there are any restaurants/markets/delis finds I should frequent nearby. I saw Jackie's Galaxy on the road there, and know it is excellent.

Anything else there I should be aware of? Thanks!

- Garris

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  1. Ralph's Bull & Claw is not far from Mineral Spring Ave....take MSA to Charles Street, turn right, and it's about 3 blocks down on the left.

    It's nothing to look at, but the food is spectacular old-school Italian. The veal is the best in town, their stuffies are fantastic, and their calamari is wonderful. The wine list (if you can call it that) is practically non-existent, so definitely not somewhere for a nice night out with a nice bottle of wine, but for lunch or casual dinner, the food can't be beat.

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    1. re: dagwood

      Finally went to Ralph's Bull and Claw last night after living near it for 4 years! The outside kind of always scared me off, but you were so right, excellent old school cheap italian food. Got the Rabe and sausage dish and it was excellent. The interior is hilariously beat, but in a comfy sort of way. The owner came over to our table to say hi, ask how the dish was, and told us to tell all our friends to come here!

      1. re: Jenkins

        I'm so glad! Their eggplant is killer too.

    2. Is the fish market just W of Douglas Ave still there?

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      1. re: atheorist

        yes it is still their - great seafood but way overpriced imo

      2. Some of the guys at the falafel place I frequent told me they shop at a great Middle Eastern market right in that area -- I think it's Hallak Middle East Market at 1455 Mineral Spring Ave. I've been meaning to check it out... now I have a reminder to stop by!

        1. I have heard Wildfire (the artist formerly known as Stuffies) is supposed to be good. Have also heard that Mozzarellas has a decent burger.

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          1. re: winochick

            Mozzarellas is nothing to write home about but fits the bill for casual dining. We ate at Wildfire and both really enjoyed our meals. We are big fans of Carrie's on Douglas/Rt. 7. They have a really pleasant bar scene, especially if you are dining by yourself. Also, Cilantros Mexican Grill (junction of Douglas & Mineral Spring) has great chicken soft tacos and burritos. Our next local food adventures will probably be D. Carlo Trattoria and Rodizio Brazilian Steakhouse

            1. re: sarahbeth

              Thanks for all of the suggestions!! I'll definitely have to try Cilantros, as I'm a fan of the one downtown (despite some, ah, lax cleanliness and indifferent employees).

              I just remembered one Mineral Springs Ave suggestion myself: Twin's Pizza.

              - Garris

              1. re: Garris

                and Cilantros is great! Twin's is good but I am partial to Julio's :-)

            2. re: winochick

              I have heard wildfire is great as well. Stay away from Mozzarellas - I am not a fan at all of chain food and that is all it seems to be to me.

            3. Feast or Famine (on Mineral Spring, but close to 44) is good for salads and sandwiches. Pauly Penta's Deli makes an excellent Italian grinder and their prepared foods always look good. Julio's is nothing much to look at and the service is indifferent, but the chicken parm is the best I ever had.