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Nov 2, 2007 02:22 PM

Perfect first date place for tonight? (Urgent!) :-0

Agh! Where do I go? Not too fancy, romantic or pricey. Somewhere kinda cool, casual and conversation-worthy (i.e. with something going on in case there's a lull in conversation, like great people-watching, visible chefs, a jazz trio or belly dancer???). Can be downtown, midtown or uptown (pref btwn Canal and 60th).

Help, guys!

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  1. I've been wanting to try Belcourt, the new French bistro on 2nd Avenue and 4th Street in the EV - the menu looks great and they have a very talented chef in Matt Hamilton - and the place looks just great. Try it will you? And let us know what you think.

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      Belcourt is new and based on recent posts they are still working out the kinks. Might not be good for a first date. I don't know cool because I avoid scene/new/trendy. That said, there are many places on Cornelia Street in WV that are good for a first date. By now you're probably on your date so please report back. I had a great second (or was it a third date?) at LaVagna in the EV. It's cozy, dark and intimate so it's not really appropriate for a first date.

    2. Not sure exactly what you are looking for - but I think Riposo 46 in Hell's Kitchen is a good date place for a first date where you won't spend too much money, don't really have to commit to much but it pretty cool. Finishi it up (if things go well) at Casellula - the cheese place right by there. Sit at the bar at both least you will find friendly and knowledgeable people behind the bar to talk to if there is a quiet moment you don't want to be quiet.

        1. If you want live can go to Jules on St Mark's place. It is kind of romantic because you have to lean it to talk because of the music, though it is not too loud, and the lighting is with candles so it puts you in the mood especially if you have a glass of champagne after dinner!

          I love Giorgio's of gramercy. It has a semi-open kitchen and you can try to have a corner table so you are sitting next to each other and not in front of each other. The food is excellent and you can have a drink, after or before, in the cozy bar area in the front where it is lighted with votive candles. She will be impressed with the food!