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Nov 2, 2007 02:18 PM

Scottsdale Recs: 7 guys on Bach Party Trip

7 guys from Canada will be in Scottsdale, AZ from TUES Nov 13 - SAT Nov 17 (flying out on Sunday morning). Bachelor Party for 2 of the guys, so there will be golfing, gambling, etc.

We are staying at the Summerfield Suites (4245 N Drinkwater Blvd).

1. I have been looking around this board for good places to eat, but most recommendations seem to talk about fancy, expensive restaurants. We want to have one nice dinner on the SAT night (perhaps $100/person all in), so any thoughts? Richardson's? Or Uncorked?

2. The other nights we might consider sports bars, or other similar places. The Office? Goldie's? Zipps?

3. What about the Casino food? I guess if we will be there for a bit, we might be eating there as well.

4. The THURS night, we are thinking of trying to get some Suns tickets - so anywhere near the arena to eat?

We will have 2 rental cars, so getting around shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Throwing in my two cents on this one: Since it's a bachelor party trip, I am assuming that you guys want something to look at as well as good food. For the big spender night, you guys should try out The Ocean Club at the Kierland. Make sure you go after 7:30, the bar is filled with action at that time.

    As for the sports bar, you should consider the Tilted Kilt on Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale, it's your typical bar food, but you go there for the "Ambiance".

    1. so many options that are great for a bachelor party. i'd avoid scottsdale for the eating portion of your trip, and if you're hitting a suns game, that won't be a problem....

      richardson's is great, but it is VERY spicy, so a lot of my out of town guests end up not liking it so much. but the same guy owns rokerij up the street (steakhouse) that is just amazing, so i'd suggest that.

      while there are a bunch of really GREAT restaurants, i'd really suggest that since its a bunch of you trying to have a good time, you consider these options, which will allow you to be loud and have fun while eating good food:

      circa 1900.
      Coronado Cafe
      Trente Cinq

      and i highly suggest that if you plan to drink, that you hire a car for the evening, its a long drive.

      The casino food is all pretty miserable.

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        FYI, Chef Chris Curtiss is no longer at Circa 1900, have you been there since he left?

        might throw in the Vig for decent bar food and is busy...not that far from where you are staying

        1. re: Molto E

          i have not, but my spies report that its holding up well.

        2. re: hzp

          You know, I'm with you on the Houston's rec - normally I avoid chains, but Houston's has great eye candy (i.e. the waitstaff) and a menu that appeals to a broad audience; a good choice on Suns night. There's also Merc Bar right there for a martini. Tradiciones at 16th/Roosevelt is on the way to the game as well, so if you wanted to try some Mexican food, a solid choice.

          Casino Arizona at 101 & McKellips has Cholla Steakhouse - I've never visited this location but in Vegas, it's a run-of-the-mill steakhouse but if the price is right, go for it.

          As far as sports bars in the area, Goldie's if great if not a little out of the way for where you're staying; I actually have enjoyed the food there. Mickey's Hangover is pretty chill, not a sports bar but could be fun - I go for the $3 month specials and happy hour.

          If you want to spend some money and do a dinner/golf outing, I highly recommend the TPC Scottsdale where you can dine on-site - very good steakhouse IMO. You will probably pay some money this time of the year, but it will be well spent. If you want to do it cheap, Dobson Ranch in Mesa is in great shape and a steal at $27.

        3. I would second the Ocean Club for the "big spender" night. For a sports bar with some ambiance, check out the Fox Sports Grill on Scottsdale and Frank Lloyd Wright area (you can compare it to the Titled Kilt which is nearby).

          Richardson's for lunch might be a good option. So would La Grande Orange (good pizza/sandwiches). Hit Breakfast Club for Breakfast, as well. Good Luck

          1. The Mastro's City Hall steakhouse on Goldwater is closer to your hotel and a good option for the big night out. They also own the Ocean Club that was recommended, which is also great. Richardson's, you can't go wrong there, but I'd do it on one of the lower key nights. Call ahead, a party of seven is big for their dining room. Unless your guys are wine hounds and cheese plate types, Uncorked would not be good bachelor party atmosphere,

            Zipps is OK for sports bar food, and the burgers are good, also consider The Yard House at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, it's a chain, but lot's of beers on tap and the food is OK. Kona Grill and ZTejas are also good Happy Hour spots right there and have decent food and good eye candy. Bungalow right down on Camelback is also a good burger and TV joint.

            If you go to the basketball game try Marjele's just north of the arena. or Stoudamiere's. both owned by Suns and get good pre game crowds. If you can get them, score club tickets to the Suns game and they have a good buffet and large area for seven guys to hang out, other wise you probably won't all get to sit together.

            1. Thanks for all your comments. Keep them coming!

              Our golf times have already been arranged (4 rounds - Wed to Sat, morning tee offs), so we are mainly looking for dinner recommendations.