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Nov 2, 2007 01:37 PM

Good restaurant rte 7 Norwalk

Is there a good restaurant --- more than a diner, but less than pricey --- on (or near) Rte. 7 in Norwalk, not too far from the Merritt Parkway?

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  1. There's a place called Tavern on 7 -- good burgers, sandwiches, lovely salads (I had a grilled salmon-topped salad last time I was there) which is just about 1/4 mile up from the Route 7 connector on Route 7. You can easily get on to the connector from the Merritt (heading northbound) then get back to the Merritt.

    1. In the same area as Tavern on 7 there is a good italian restaurant, Tuscan Oven. Entrees will run you about $20-$25, but they do make excellent pasta.

      The restaurant is right next to the DMV, directly in front of you as you come off the Super 7.

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        Tuscan Oven is really expensive.

        I would try Dry Dock Cafe. 215 Main St.

        1. re: Foodie Fairfield

          I agree. Tuscan Oven is really a great place that I enjoy very much. I'm not sure I would call it "very expensive" but it's much more expensive that Dry Dock. I don't think that there are many menu items at Dry Dock that are more than $9 and the drinks are about $5; the atmosphere is clean, relaxed, fun and friendly. Some things that you don't see on many menus; like the Stromboli wedge or the Hot Sicilian. Been to Tavern on 7 once and would have to go one more time to figure out what I really thought about it.

          Italia Pizzeria is great; there's a really interesting and very good "Venezuelan Beach Food " place near the intersection of 7 and 123; Pasquali's Osteria, Blackstone's Steak House, many more ... all very close to the Rte 7 exit of the parkway.

      2. letizia on rte.7 by walmart makes a good pizza esp.the garbage pie w/everything (almost)

        1. Tuscan Oven is good but jfood agrees that ithas a high price point for lunch. south of the merritt has some interesting choices along main street. The Lime has the best sandwiches in the area nd in the summer has two tables outside. jfood loves the blackened chicken wrap. Further down crossing over route 1 there is a little Italian place called Mike's Very small and the owners are old Italians that you feel are welcoming you into their living room for lunch. sameprice point as tuscan oven with a home feel versus a chain feel. BJ Ryans is across the stree and is getting some good press here,, but jfood has not tried it yet.

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            Thanks to all. I'll be meeting a friend for dinner....neither of us is familiar with the area, so don't want to stray too far from the Parkway.
            BUT....I'm storing the information for some leisurely Sunday exploring w/my husband.
            This board is a wonder...I've asked friends, people at work, strangers (!) and no-one knew anyplace, but here you all are!

            1. re: Jeudyth

              If you're doing dinner - definitely try Amerigo. Its really good & the owners are super nice.

                1. re: Jeudyth

                  456 Main Ave. Close to the Merrit Parkway. Its in a non-descript strip mall where Bruce's flowers is located. I have a feeling you're concerned about getting lost in the area, but Rte 7 is very straight forward. You're right at either the Merritt or 95. Amerigo is located between the DMV & Merritt 7 buildings (just to give you a general idea).

                  1. re: amanda3571

                    A word to the wise about the connection between Route 7 and the Merritt. If you are trying to get to Merritt Northbound after eating Route 7 does NOT have an entrance to Merritt North. You need to get on Merritt North from Main Street. If you are on Main street or Route 7 north of the Merritt stay on main street past the Merritt 7 complex on your right and you can get on Merrit north or south. If you are south of the Merritt you also need tp be on Main St. and the entrances to Merritt is just north of the Stop&Shop/Linens and Things strip mall.

          2. I used to work on Main Ave. and found a few good choices.

            If you're in the mood for Chinese, Shanghai Cafe is the best - it's in the shopping center a block from WalMart (but stay away from the place in WalMart as it's awful).

            The Dry Dock and the Lime are good as well, and Maria's Trattoria (172 Main St) is very good, although the name and ownership may have changed recently.

            If you want to head into "downtown" Wilton off of Rt. 7, try Tom E Toes for pizza, pasta, salads or a unique sandwich made with pizza bread. And for a nice meal, the Schoolhouse at Cannondale is the ultimate.

            And in the opposite direction, towards Stew Leonard's, is another good Italian choice, Via Sforza Trattoria.

            For happy hour, try the Ash Creek Saloon. Cheers!

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              Shanghai Cafe doesn't have a single Shanghai dish on its menu. But it does have some Thai stuff, plus a few indications of possible Indonesian-ness (lots of sambal sauce, and a fermented black bean dish). These guys aren't Chinese, and whatever they are seems to be trying to bust out. Also in that shopping center is famous Letizia's Pizza, and a soon-to-open pie and muffin place I have a good feeling about.