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Nov 2, 2007 01:32 PM

Little Sheep Hot Pot - reviews/rec's anybody?

- They are a hotpot chain from china. A few years ago, I've went once (the Warden Store): service was quite crap, but the food was pretty good (don't remember the details of the food quality/flavours, but remembering being kinda pissed at the service). Does anyone else have any thoughts on this place?

I'm thinking of going again, but I don't really want to go to the Warden Store. Anyone know if the Hwy 7/West Beaver Creek Store is good or better than the Warden place?


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  1. I have not gone to west beaver creek location. however, would have to agree service at the Warden location was not great. Neither was the food.

    Best place for hotpot is rolling pot outside pacific mall since you get individual hotpot for cooking. In terms of quality, I would have to go with the other hot pot place which is in the same plaza as little sheep on west beaver creek. Do not know the name but quality is superior.

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    1. re: caitlink

      from the pics at the little sheep website, it seems that they have individual pots too? ... is that the case when u guys went to the warden location?

    2. I try both location and the service is crap. Food is ok but the service ruin my day. Rolling pot is much worst. I got the steam come back from the roof to my pot, it is so disgusting..........
      I think Queen Hot Pot at Chinatown on Dundas st. own my vote now.

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      1. re: Raptorfan

        Do you have the exact address for Queen Hot Pot? Can't find anything on Google. Also - what's their pricing like?

        Has anyone tried Liu Liu Hot Pot on Baldwin Street?

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          I don't have the exact address, it is at one block east of Spadina on the north side of Dundas. Hope that can help. Liu Liu was my favorite when they first open but the quality is going south after the original owner gone. Also, you can easy to see the quality of meat since they are all rare. You can't cheat at all.

      2. Been to the Warden location almost more than a yr ago, picked a not-so-busy time to go but still the service was half-hearted. Not so keen about the soup base either-really, if you are into hot pot, the only thing that distinguishes any body is either the quality of their raw ingredients or the flavors of their soup base. This one from China apparently boasts some superb herbs and mongolian flavouring from their recipe, but all I saw and tasted was garlic----tons of them! Turned me off from them forever!

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          I see your point. They have too few choices from the soup.