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Nov 2, 2007 01:29 PM

Best possible meal for $20 in Brooklyn?

Let's just say I had 20 bucks burning a hole in my pocket and needed to spend it on food in the borough of Brooklyn. What is the best possible meal I could get for that 20 spot(tax and tip if applicable included)?

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  1. I think a DiFaras pie would run you about $18 or $19.

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    1. re: elecsheep9

      go to bonnie's park slope, get a small order of wings(10) @ $6.95 and a burger(with fries) @ $8.95. or you could go to difara's, lucali's, anthony's or franny's and grab a pie. all are comparible at around $18 per whole pie.

      1. re: TBird

        I concur with TBird. Still my favorite place for buffalo wings and it's a pretty darn good burger to boot.

      2. Smoke Joint near the BAM. Great hacked pork and smoked greens and a beer for 20 bucks!

        1. I'd go to The Fountain or Yemen Cafe for some Middle Eastern.

          1. A pie at di Fara hands down. Other considerations would be...You could enough food to feed your family and a few distant relatives at Deback Malick on Fulton (Nigerian.) You could feed three people at Lomzynianka for that kind of money. The Islands would be another nice option... for two...

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              I second the nomination of Lomzynianka. In fact, you should spend $7 on a bottle of budget wine before you go in, and they'll open it for you and bring you wineglasses (strictly BYOB there). You'll still have enough money left over for the Hungarian pie, and the pickled salad course is free with your entree.

            2. I'd Head to Brooklyn's Chinatown. You could probably spread that $20 over an entire day of meals. :-}

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              1. re: Tay

                Agreed, how bout $6? Go to the dumpling place in the high 40's along 8th avenue and then walk down to Ba Xuyen for the best banh mi in the city.