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Nov 2, 2007 01:19 PM

Best place to buy Kosker turkey in LA?

I'm looking for a Kosher turkey to cook for Thanksgiving. Can anyone recommend a good butcher or market? I live in Burbank, so the valley or Hollywood would be my first choice, but I'm willing to drive to get a good one. Frozen is fine.

Thank you!

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  1. If frozen will do, you can buy Empire kosher turkeys at almost any supermarket chain, at least where I live on the west side. I just got one a couple of weeks ago at Ralphs and it was delicious. Also, while I haven't yet checked, around this time of year Costco usually has them as well.

    1. Go either to Beverly Kosher Butcher on Pico near Doheny, they make bbq chicken, turkey, prime rib, I've ordered a lot. Also go to Kosher Club on Pico, just east of La Brea. They have everything, not just meats, also a great frozen food section, wine, food products, produce, etc.