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Nov 2, 2007 01:16 PM

What to order - Del Posto Enoteca prix fixe

Some of the older reviews recommended dishes that no longer are on the menu. What's good on the current menu?

Salad of RADICCHIO with Ceasar’s Dressing 12
Roasted Acorn SQUASH with Lime, Mint & Chili 10
Grilled OCTOPUS with Corona Beans & Cavolo Nero 13
CALAMARI FRITTI with Cherry Peppers 11
Shredded CABBAGE Salad with Empire Apple & 9

SPAGHETTI alle Vongole 12
Red Fife PAPPARDELLE in Butter 11
TORTELLINI in Stracciatella 13
BIS: Two Tastes of Pasta Shared by the Entire Table 17
NUDI Dried Sage Flowers 14
GARGANELLI al ragu Bolognese 15

Baked TROUT al Pugliese with Fregola 23
Fried COD with Besciamella & Parsley Salad 20
CHICKEN Marsala with Funghi Trifolati 21
PORK Saltimbocca with Lentils & Dijon 22
Beef BRASATO with Cauliflower Ragu 24

DOLCI - 10
Torta Della Nonna 10
Panini con Cioccolato 10
Torta Sabbiosa 10
Spuma di Cioccolato 10
Three Tastes of our Housemade Gelati or Sorbeti
Assortment of Housemade Cookies
Sgroppino 10
Torta di Cioccolato 10

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  1. Last visit (this summer), we had a preparation of the nudi and pork saltimbocca that we enjoyed( served with different accompaniments than listed above). Torta della nonna was great for dessert, as were the gelati.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Duh--forgot about the calamari--definitely agreement w/the assessments below.

    2. For antipasti, definitely the calamari fritti. The best in town. They used to have beef carparcio which was also very good, but with the current list I will go with the calamari fritti.

      For primi, I second the nudi. Their pappardelle and garganelli are always great regardless of what sauce they put in, so those are the safe bets.

      For secondi, haven't tried any of these, but I tend to like their fish and pork dishes better.

      I love all desserts, so I can't help here....:P

      1. We went a few weeks ago, and the menu has changed a lot even since then.

        For anitpasti, the calamari fritti is a must. It was amazing. For primi, we had the tortellini and the garagnelli. I thought both were just ok. The tortellini was marginally better than the garagnelli.

        For secondi, I had the pork saltimboca; it was a slightly different preparation but I liked it very much. Dolci, we had the panini, which was delicious, and lemon gelato/sorbetto dessert (maybe the sgroppino?) which I would also recommend.