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Nov 2, 2007 01:15 PM

What kind of 2 handled pan do I have?

My friend gave me a stainless steel skillet/pan that is about 10-12" diameter, two steel handles (one on each side), about 3-4 inches deep, and has a rather high lid, as in it isn't flat on the pan. I asked her what she used it for, and she said she never had used it, that's why she was giving it to me. So what is this for? It's really pretty and I can tell it is well made.

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  1. Possibly a braiser or stew pot. Check out All Clad and Falk Culinair for similar shapes, the first in stainless and the second in copper. Sounds like a great pot. It will fit nicely into the oven once meat is browned because it does not have long handles.

    1. Does it look similar to the pan in the photo I posted? Calphalon calls it an "Everyday Pan."

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        It does look like that, but the lid is metal and sits down into the pan. I looked at All Clad in the shapes section and it looks more like a braiser, but the handles are up turned vs the down turned ones in that illustration. So far the only thing I have used it for was to sear some steaks. What else is it good for?


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          Well - you know what.... use that dang pan for whatever you think it's good for.

          I think manufacturers market stuff they think will make us think we're better than everyone else.

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            Good answer, Gio! It just threw me off when she said she didn't use it because she didn't know what it was for, and then I, being a bit insecure, thought I'd better find out what it's for!