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Nov 2, 2007 01:12 PM

what can i use instead of...

Hi! I have a recipe that calls for

1/2 pound sliced capocollo, hot ham

Does anyone know if I could substitute that w/ anything? Or if it is easy to find? I called the local Bristol Farms and they are out and Pavilions has some, but it comes vac-sealed.. should be fine, but if anyone has any alternate suggestions I would really appreciate it.


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  1. Facetiously, I would say use regular ham and add cayenne pepper to the dish. Or perhaps pepperoni, or Genoa salami. The heat on the Cappocolo is on the outside edge, and not really *that* hot.

    1. you could try hot soppresata (sp?)... it is usually with the prociutto at regular grocery stores.

      1. Ralphs and Albertsons sells by the pound, and you can sample.