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Nov 2, 2007 01:04 PM

Decent restaurants in Portsmouth?

A friend of mine is trying to find a decent restaurant in Portsmouth for a party of 8 (including a baby) in April. They will have cars. Any suggestions? He'd like to have a number of cost options, if possible, to help them make the final decision.

(I searched here and elsewhere, and found that eGullet had good things to say about Bistro Montparnasse, but the thread was a couple of years old — any more recent experiences?)

Bistro Montparnasse
103 Palmerston Rd, Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO5 3, GB

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  1. Anyone? Or any suggestions as to where else I could look to find him some ideas? This year's Harden's hasn't arrived yet, and I seem to have managed to lose last year's already.

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      Portsmouth is a bit town, but I've only been there for sightseeing and shopping. Not far away, though, is the New Forest area, and we had a very nice meal at a place called The Thatched Cottage. If they have cars, it wouldn't be all that far a drive. I'll ask around people at our office.

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        It's a bit town but also a BIG town. :--)

      2. Montparnesse is the only Good Food Guide (2006 edition) listed place in the area.

        "From the blue-painted shopfront with its chunky gold lettering to the bright orange walls and bare wooden floors, the bistro presents an honest opennesss. A lively interest in the cooking and sourcing of materials has been maintained over seven years, while menu descriptions have resisted complexity for its own sake. At lunchtime, roast tomato soup or smoked haddock and pea veloute bake may precede pan-fried ribeye steak with a red wine reduction and a vegetariain option, perhaps herb risotto with Parmesan. The diner menu is no less straightforward with perhaps griddled king prawns with garlic butter, panfried Gressingham duck breatwith sweet wine, baby onionsand grapes or rabbit, ,mushroom and mustard casserole. Finish with creme brulee or lemon and cherry sponge".

        Sounds a classic bistro menu and, presumably, sufficiently un-sniffy to welcome the baby.

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          Thank you! It does sound quite suitable. And its having been around for a while is a good sign.