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Nov 2, 2007 12:30 PM

Kielbasa ... what to do ??

I have about 3lbs of kielbasa in my deep freezer, time to use it for something, looking for something maybe out of the normal use, any ideas. I recently made sweet and sour keilbasa, looking for something a little different.

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  1. Check out some recipes for glazed kielbasa. I hesitate to post any particular one because they vary so much. Some are only honey and coke and some have several ingredients, none of which are honey or coke!

    1. Try a chicken and kielbasa gumbo, or using it in soups. I've used it in Caldo Verde, or Portuguese Kale Soup and love the results. Recipe here:
      And of course my favorite is frying a bit up with eggs in the morning!

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        That is so funny -- I found this thread just after posting on the soup thread where I mentioned that I use kielbasa in my version of Caldo Verde too!

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          Monavano - Thank you! I made your kale soup this morning, left some for Dad in his freezer - brought some home for dinner! Thank you, tasted awesome. Used a homemade garlic smoked kielbasa.

          1. AnnieG beat me to the sauerkraut soup :-), so let me recommend Jambalaya - one of the Paul Prudhomme recipes is here: , another adaptation is here:

            1. Good heavens, kielbasa needs to be paired with cabbage! This is so basic and delicious...I did try beer in place of the water and it really rocks...have made this a few just doesn't get any better, Kielbasa with Smothered Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes: