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Nov 2, 2007 12:12 PM

Help me clean out my fridge. . . .

My mom was in town last week and we went on a bit of a shopping and cooking spree, leaving me with a fridge full of yummy ingredients and leftover to wrestle with.

I'm not complaining, but the BF is not a huge fan of leftovers and we've been eating out a lot this week with friends so I'm struggling to use everything up. I'd like to make a few one-pot-type dishes with what I've got (to maybe freeze some) and we're going over to a friends on Sunday to watch the Colts-Pats so I'd like to make something to take along.

I have most of the pantry staples (eggs, onions, garlic, chicken broth etc.) and the stuff in the fridge includes:

grilled sausages (chicken apple and kielbasa)
swiss chard
a small sunchoke (never used before)
2 roasted chicken breasts (i ate the dark stuff! :))
pork chops marinating in garlic and paprika
roasted cubed potato and sweet potato
baby artichokes with ham

Please help me clean out my fridge!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd do either the baby artichokes & ham w/ asparagus over pasta, or else chicken & asparagus over pasta with perhaps the chard as a side dish ...

    1. quiche. make them in muffin tins. use up all the leftovers, and you have a variety of mini-quiches. (save me some with the artichokes, if you please)

      use those pillsbury pop-up things for the crust, or make your own.

      also, you could do a hash with the chicken breast and the roasted potatoes.

      the sausages and the chard would make a nice hearty soup for a chilly day.

      you could freeze the pork chops in the marinade, or let them continue to marinate!

      1. How long have the pork chops been marinating?? Perhaps you ought to cook (grill) them tonight and serve braised swiss chard (olive oil, chopped onion & garlic, a dash of red pepper flakes) and the roasted potatoes ( fry them in a little butter to reheat, add some chopped fresh herbs to liven them up). Use the small sunchoke (AKA Jerusalem artichoke) thinly sliced combined with other vegetables to make a salad.

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          li love braised chard. splash a bit of vinegar (rice wine, or other) on it to perk it up!