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Nov 2, 2007 11:58 AM

Dinner tonight? Silverlake, Atwater, Eagle Rock, Hollywood area

5 people - one vegetarian, one picky eater and 3 normals. Somewhere between casual (no fast food, sit down) and fancy (jeans okay, not too expensive). I just can't think. Gingergrass is too crowded and noisy on a Friday...

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    1. Tropicalia on Hillhurst -- Brazilian but not too exotic, several veggie dishes, reasonably priced
      Il Capriccio on Vermont -- Italian usually pleases everyone
      Canele is good but doesn't have that many veggie selections and might be crowded and noisy also

      1. Marouch on Santa Monica Blvd. at Edgmont (just W. of Vermont).

        You can get the mezze for 4 and have plenty of food for 5 people, with lots of veggie options. I always like the Lebanese wines, too. Not expensive, not fancy, but great food in a lively atmosphere.

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          Marouch is a good idea, also Carousel on Hollywood Blvd.

          1. well, y'all are probably having dinner right now, but as some ideas for the future, how is Paru's on Sunset (Indian vegetarian)? There are also some Vietnamese places in Eagle Rock and Atwater Village -- Blue Hen, Indochine Vien -- which may have veggie food.