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Nov 2, 2007 11:30 AM

Where can I buy Suckling Pig?

Does anyone know where I can buy a suckling pig to cook?


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  1. Butchers in East Harlem or Washington Heights. Same deal as buying a pig for lechon (a latin preparation of roast suckling pig). Some of the meat markets in Chinatown might have them, too, but I think a latin market is a good bet.

    Another option is to talk to someone int the cold room at Fairway in Harlem. They may have a provider or be willing to order it.

    Since I see you are in Brooklyn, try any of the butchers in La Marqueta on Moore Street (if still there) in Bushwick, off Graham Avenue. They have them all the time for the holidays.

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      You can also try Los Paisanos in Cobble Hill
      162 Smith Street
      Pretty sure they have it also...

      1. Esposito's Pork Shop on 38th & 9th.

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          1. I see the signs on the wall at Gramercy Meat Market (2nd ave and 22nd st) that they will special order for you. Judging by the rest of their products, i'd imagine it would most likely be expensive but really good.

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              I will second Gramercy Meat Market. The meat is grass fed, organic, and really top notch in taste.

            2. Nice, thanks for the tips!
              I already do half of my meat shopping in Bushwich, I'll have to do some more exploring to find La Marqueta. I'll check the others out too.

              I got curious about making it after reading this:

              Now I want to make it myself...