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Haru on Huntington...any good?

I work in the Pru and a few of us were thinking of going to Haru for drinks and sushi afterwork. Has anyone been?

it's new (like two weeks I think)...it's on Huntington where the old Dick's Last Resort use to be.

thanks in advance ...

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    1. When I lived in New York we went to Haru all the time, it was fantastic. If the Boston locations are anything like it, I would highly recommend going... fresh, inventive food, nice variety of drinks, superb music and a beautiful crowd. I only wish it were closer to my neighborhood!

      1. yes I love it (and love it in new york). they set the bar high for fresh, high quality fish and make very inventive rolls. some people may think it's expensive, but I really didn't find the price different than neighborhood places unless you go crazy with alcohol and extra fancy rolls. the servers are still very new so they are still learning, but I give it very high marks. enjoy!

        1. We went by there tonight, and were pretty mixed overall. The quality of the fish was pretty good, and the service was absolutely disgraceful. The bottom line is I will give it another shot for work lunches, but for a $250 check, we will happily head to O Ya next time (although it is not even fair to mention it here as they are such different places). Places like Douzo and Fugakyu are cheaper and (much) better IMO.

          We were seated promptly, however the 2 tops are so close together and crammed in, that we opted for the sushi bar. As is par for the course in Boston we ordered from the waiter and not from the sushi bar. To start with, the cold sake came out warm. We had never been there, but still seemed more familiar with the menu than the waiter. He initially informed us that they were out of Maguro before being corrected by the sushi chef (one of the 7 bumping into each other behind the sushi bar). The sashimi salad was way over dressed. The layered tower of spicy tuna, salmon tartar, king crab and caviar (tobiko really) was different and tasty, however it had a sauce that I can still taste right now.

          Our order of sashimi and sashimi cucumber rolls, came out as sushi and traditional maki. We were somewhat disapointed as we had waited 45 minutes between the apps and the sushi, and all of it had to be sent back. They apologized profusely, but did not offer a free drink or anything to nibble on while the entire order was being redone.

          When the order came back out, the fish was very good. Hamachi, Maguro, Sake and O-Toro were all fresh and delicious. The pieces were a good size. I would agree with another poster's assertion that they were on par size wise with Fugakyu. They were cut much differently though, linger and thinner. The naruto were not well rolled (about 4 layers of cuke all falling apart). We did not get any traditional maki, but did not see anything on the menu or coming out which looked that great or out of the ordinary. Looking at Haru's NYC menus, there seem to be much more varied and creative selections.

          The decor looked fine for now, but will become cheap and worn looking quickly judging by the quality. I would like to think that the competition in the neighborhood would push Haru to improve a bit. However due to its location in the Pru with it's neverending stream of one time visitors, I don't have high hopes.

          The food wasn't bad, and we'd be back if it were about half the price (for my $250 we got sashimi salad, spicy tuna, salmon, king crab tower, 5 pieces magoro, 3 pieces hamachi, 2 pieces o-toro ($20ea!!!), 3 pieces sake, 1 piece tobiko, 1 spicy tuna cucumber maki, 1 hamachi cucumber maki, 1 sake cucumber maki, 2 small beers, 1 glass of sancerre and one bamboo of sake). I was a bit shocked when I got the bill. My next try will be for a simple work lunch.

          1. Ugh. I went there tonight with my friend and I was so disappointed.
            We ordered the seaweed salad, rock shrimp tempura with spicy creamy sauce, and maguro, otoro, hamachi, ika, unagi sushi. The service was pretty good, our waitress was very friendly and I liked the hot towels they gave us.

            The seaweed salad was disappointing, with more curly endive and carrot than seaweed. But the rocket shrimp tempura was pretty good. The shrimp was nice and plump, and the sauce was a warm version of the spicy tuna roll-type of sauce. If I remember correctly, there is a similar appetizer in Douzo which I prefer to this one.

            We actually ordered all the sushi above plus tamago(egg) sushi, but after we finished our app, the waitress came to inform us that they were out of tamago. How can a sushi restaurant be out of tamago? This was not even a late dinner, it was 6:30~7pm! We just asked for our order minus the tamago. The fish seemed pretty fresh. But when I put the maguro in my mouth, the sushi was soooo huge, my mouth was bulging. Sushi is meant to be an one-bite kinda food. This sushi was way too big for me. And the rice. It felt like they mixed in sticky rice and shaped it real tight. It was more like eating onigiri instead of sushi. And being asian, had sushi Japan several times, I know how rice should be in a sushi. I never had this problem in Osushi, Douzo, or both of the Oishii locations. I would rather recommend sashimi here.

            I don't think I'll be going to Haru again anytime soon, or ever, for that matter. The dinner cost about $74, which I guess average in a Boston sushi place.(Oishii South End usually sets us back over $100) I'd rather go to either osushi or douzo, which is mere 5 min. walk away.

            1. My boyfriend and I went to Haru last night and it was great. We hadn't actually heard about this place until he read something about Junior Seau being there the other night and was like, we're going! Lol.

              No celebrities last night (that I could see), but the place was a little too cramped for my taste. Maybe it was because it was Friday night but I don't know. The food made up for it, though. We had the crispy calamari, the tuna ceviche, and the salmon tartare to start, and they were amazing. The sushi was great, too. We had a special roll (forgot the name) and some pieces of yellotwail, white tuna and sea urchin. For drinks, I had this blue cocktail that was SO GOOD. Even my boyfriend liked it, and he hates "girly" drinks. Dessert was good but nothing too memorable.

              Our server was really cool but you could tell she was a little new. She got something mixed up (brought out tuna tataki instead of the ceviche) but it was fine since was very apologetic and fixed it. The prices were reasonable. It was my first time paying (don't laugh, just got my first real job out of college) so it was still a lot for me, but when compared to what my boyfriend has had to shell out at other places of similar quality, I was pretty surprised. Will definitely be back.

              1. I went and have mixed reviews too...

                the food and drinks were good...Haru Hour is great for friday night after work with friends.

                the service was TERRIBLE though...our waitress knew nothing on the menu, every questions we asked her she had to "let me go find out for you"...it was really annoying.

                But the food was very good, the fish tasted fresh, the drinks were good and good size as well. Price wise I can't complain at all.

                the House Tempura Roll was AWESOME!

                i'll go back for sure but I hope the waitstaff is studying the menu more.

                1. I'm sure by now, you've already gone and tried. Hopefully, your experience was better than mine. The place tries way too hard. We got bombarded by 4 hostesses and 3 managers when we walked in. They were all over us like money-grubbing vultures on corpses.
                  The specialty sushi rolls were way overpriced. They were upwards of $15 for simple things like a dragon roll or a rainbow roll, which you can get at most places for around 10. And the sushi/sashimi comes 1 per order. For the same price, you can get 2 per order at Samurai.
                  The service was good and it's nice to go to a sushi restaurant where the servers can understand what you're saying. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy authentic places, but ordering by numbers makes me feel like I'm at MacDonalds.
                  We sat next to a couple yuppies (the woman was wearing fur for christ's sake! I could barely down my overpriced fish down. The manager - this greasy-haired, mafia looking guy with a thick Brooklyn accent - kept coming up to the yuppies every 5 seconds and sucking up to them. I don't know who those yuppies were, but judging by the way that manager was sucking, I would have thought it was the Pope. However, said manager didn't even look our way once. It was probably because we weren't wearing Prada and dead polar bears on our backs.
                  If you want to wait 1 1/2 hours to eat overpriced sushi and be treated like second class citizens becuase you don't ooze money from your pores, then this is the place for you. And if you're the type of person that pays for the ambience and not the food, then this place is for you too. It's a very Midtown Manhattan type of place, and as a person who loves Boston for it's coziness and down-to-earth attitude, I don't think this place belongs here.

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                    which sushi places in the area have you found that have a "boston feel" and cheaper prices with equally fresh fish? I haven't found any...douzo, samari and osushi are all at the same price point and I don't think any have a "boston feel".

                  2. Interesting to hear many others had awful experiences at Haru. My boyfriend and I took my sister (visiting from San Fran) out last Friday night. We were excited to try it and were (to say the very least) disappointed. We will NEVER go back there again even though we really liked our food. We had a 9pm reservation (because we had to be somewhere by 10:30) and they didn't seat us until 9:30 - but we were patient at first knowing it was a new restaurant.
                    The food was delicious - the experience was terrible. Our waitress was nice and our awful experience was not her fault whatsoever.
                    None of our appetizers came at the same time. In fact, the edamame took so long it arrived with my chicken teriaky. My boyfriend and my sister ordered a lot of sushi and it didn't arrive until I was finished eating my steak teriaki (45 minutes after we ordered).
                    When the sushi finally arrived it was 10:30 and the manager came along to apologize (apparently their computers had gone down) and offered us a round of drinks, but we declined because we were done drinking. When we got the check the waitress told us that they comped our edamame. I laughed because it was like a slap in the face - they took off essentially the cheapest item off the bill! What kind of gesture is that?!
                    They had one chance to redeem themselves and they actually made themselves look worse!
                    I think my boyfriend is going to make a complaint to corporate about these awful boston managers.