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Nov 2, 2007 11:16 AM

Fun place for 4 yo B-Day w/grandparents...South OC

Ok, I'm drawing a big blank here. Our daughter turns 4 on Sunday and we are not having a party but want to go out for dinner...something fun for her. The caveat is that her grandparents will be here (along with my wife and I and our 8 year old son), and they are not the "let's take her to Chuck E Cheese" type.

So CHers...give me some thoughts. Best I can come up with so far is Rainforest Cafe (a little far from us but might work) or Ruby's (although we just went there last week).

Nothing too out there, burgers, etc. would be great. Appreciate the suggestions!

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  1. My little one had a great time at the Islands in the Kaleidoscope center off Crown Valley, but he also loves it when we take him down to the Fisherman's restaurant at the base of the San Clemente Pier. There is a swingset down on the sand where you can play too, which makes it all kinds of kiddie fun near the water.

    1. Pizza Port in San Clemente is pretty fun. They have tons of games for the kids upstairs and good beer for the grown ups.

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        I was just about to suggest this place after reading this review from the Register:

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          I've been to Pizza Port, and I thought the food was very good too.