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Nov 2, 2007 11:02 AM

Lunch near Summerhill

Saturday - Lunch - in the Summerhill / Rosedale area?

I'm taking my husband to the Summerhill LCBO and letting him go nuts for his birthday... So I'm pretty sure we're going to need sustenance afterwards!


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  1. Fairly wide selection, subject to parking, of course. Trick: there is a pay lot behind the Sleep Country that is usually empty.

    Pub: Rebel House, Yonge at Roxborough. Very good pub grub, great selection of beers, many write-ups here.
    Abbot on the Hill, Yonge slightly north of Summerhill. Good pub grub.
    Rosedal Diner, getting pricey, fairly dependable.

    Casual Patatchou, Yonge and Macpherson. French cafe standards, like onion soup, pate sandwiches.
    Caffe Doria, Yonge and Roxborough. Salads, panini
    Black Camel, Yonge and Crescent on Crescent, great sandwiches, limited seating, no licence.

    Also in the area, but can't vouch for quality, hours: Toto, Avant Gout.

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      Caffe Doria is a great place to grab a nice lunch, very inexpensive, very good. Easily the best bang for your dollar. Plus I once ate there and Galen Weston sat down a few tables down from me. That should count for at least something.

    2. If you type ' Summerhill ' in the search field in the Ontario places hub here --

      you'll find addresses, directions and websites for most of the places mentioned above.