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Nov 2, 2007 10:37 AM

"The Restaurant" at Meadowood?

I'm sure some of you have been here. I read that they received two special Michellin Stars. We are going to TFL the Saturday after Thanksgiving and are thinking of trying The Restaurant on Friday. Can anyone give an overview? It seems like it is pretty upscale and formal, no? How are the prices? Portions? Service? Type of cuisine? Worth it?

Do you think we'll just die of overeating if we have Thanksgiving, followed by The Restaurant, followed by TFL? Three counts and we're out cold?!

Half of us will be staying at Meadowood and the other half in Sonoma. Other options that I like in Sonoma are The Girl and the Fig and El Dorado Kitchen.

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  1. Yes, you'll die of overeating! But you'll die happy! I haven't been to Meadowood for a while but I think you'll like it - if it's not too hard to eat out after TFL. Yes, it's formal, but only in the same way TFL is, so no worries. The prices are high, not hideous, but high. The service is generally excellent. The cuisine is, I don't know, very creative California/French/Asian fusion. I don't quite know how to describe it. Yeah, it's usually worth it, though like I said, you may be fooded out after Thanksgiving and TFL.
    As far as The Girl and the Fig - I had heard a lot about the place and had high hopes, but both my visits were real disappointments - the food simply did not meet my expectations - actually, the food didn't meet what I had been told to expect. It wasn't bad, it simply didn't even come close to it's own reputation, and I probably won't return.

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      greetings, hi standards...have you been to Meadowood lately?

      This is where things get tricky, on Chowhound, and in general, regarding comments and reviews on a restaurant experience. If you haven't dined at a resto since the chef and entire menu of the restaurant have changed,'s not valuable information anymore.

      That's the case with Meadowood now. A new regime is in place. It's about time. Over the years, since 1995, the restaurant has had its ups and mainly downs. It's odd that a relais et chateaux resort has paid so little attention to its restaurant. Now Meadowood is attempting to turn that around.

      I don't understand the meteoric rise from relative obscurity (and OK food) to two Michelin stars very quickly, but I'm going to see for myself. I'll be dining there Tuesday night, and will try to file a report shortly thereafter.

      As far as dining on Thanksgiving dinner one night, Meadowood the next, and TFL after that, yes, I do think that is too much. Make Friday a day of light simple dining -- straightforward, unelaborate food -- and allow your body to recalibrate after Thanksgiving so that the specialness of TFL isn't lost on you.

      Lots of places in both Napa and Sonoma fill the bill for that middle night. Please search this board and read the hundreds of great suggestions (you'll see some names appearing over and over) posted by other adventurous palates that are already here.
      Enjoy yourself and report back.

      1. re: maria lorraine

        Maria Lorraine -- Looking forward to your review of Meadowood!

        1. re: Stickies

          It was a stunning meal. I went in as a skeptic, and was thoroughly won over. Expensive, though. Food was $235 (the two of us had four smallish courses, not even the degustation menu), wine was $240, so total was $475 before tip. Complete report later today or tomorrow.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Glad to hear it. I went last Christmas and I will look forward to going again this Christmas.

            1. re: hi standards

              The food has changed dramatically since last December, even since June,
              even since August. I think they've finally got it down now.

                1. re: hi standards

                  Hard to predict. I sure hope so. If history repeats itself, then no.

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      1. Dining Report for The Restaurant at Meadowood can be found here:

        1. On Saturday the 10, my BF and I went to Bouchon for lunch and The Restaurant at Meadowood for dinner. Pretty great food day and I have to say, The Restaurant surpassed all my expectations.

          Our reservations for dinner were for 7:45 but since it had been raining all day, we couldn't walk around the downtowns like we planned. We showed up about 1 hour early and they were happy to take us.

          I ordered the exotics menu and my BF ordered the 7 course tasting with wine pairings. My menu included langosteen, scallop, a greek fish dish, kobe beef, and a choice of dessert (I chose the apples done three ways) while his included quail, lobster, squab, risotto, dessert was three sorbets, and unfortunately, I'm blanking out on what else he had.

          While the food was amazing, I think I loved the experience more. The property is just beautiful and the dining room is pretty cozy. There's enough seating for maybe 40 people and the staff is always ready and waiting. High ceilings with white walls, white flowers, and warm wood furniture make it comfortable but pretty all at the same time.

          Total cost of dinner was around $430, including tax and tip. The BF thought it was the best birthday present yet. (I'm sure the 8 glasses of wine with dinner helped him come to that conclusion.)

          1. Has anyone been since last winter? Has it maintained it's food? I will be staying in St. Helena for 3 nights at the end of July, making my annual visit. I have reservations for Martini House on Tuesday night, I was considering Meadowood for Wednesday or Thursday, but there are so many great places, I wanted an up to date evaluation before committing.

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              Hi! I went to Meadowood in March and had a fantastic time. I went with four friends, all of us pretty into our food and we all loved it hands down. the service was fantastic, without any prodding, the waiters looked up where to find a certain cherry online and gave us the website for it, they also looked up where a wine was made in relation to a town in Switzerland. They were friendly and extremely helpful. The food was great, we all chose to get 4 courses, but since 2 people didn't want desserts, they ordered all savory dishes. Because they didn't want to serve desserts with savories, they ended up giving an extra course all the way around to help even things out. It was awhile ago so I can't remember too many specifics, but there was a pork dish, three ways that was amazing, I loved the cheese course and all the wines seemed to go well. It was pricy, but worth the money. I would go back in a heart beat if someone else was paying :)