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Nov 2, 2007 10:22 AM


Well after a brief mention in the recent 'Best BBQ?' thread I decided to try NYBBQ located in the space that was formerly occupied by Greece's BBQ. I will admit that in recent years I have been dissapointed by Q in L.A.

As I've posted before, I like the meats, hot sauce, sides and desserts at Phillip's Liemert Park but there is no place to sit and eat so I have to eat in a nearby park or in the car. I still need to try Woody's and Porky's and Burger Boy's favorite JnJ Burger Shack which will hopefully be better than my one mediocre food/friendly service experience at the nearby JR's Barbeque. And I miss the long gone Carl's BarBQ and Dirty Rice and Mr. Jim's "You don't need no teeth to eat our meat!" I haven't been to Dr. Hogly Wogly's recently, they just got too expensive for a Texas style place that usually served dried out brisket, mediocre pork ribs and chicken although the beef ribs were always excellent as was the little loaf of bread, beans and pies! As it's been a while and I drive past often I'll give them another try sometime soon. I haven't tried the Boneyard Bistro yet either. After being so enthusiasically promoted by Carter since they opened I called them a few weeks ago and found out that they are only open for dinner so no lunch there for me! I do plan on trying them sometime. Mom's was just ok the few times that I went, again it's been a while so I should try again. I found the place that Steve Doggie-Dog loved, Swinging Door BarBQ sometimes very good and occasionally just good. I haven't seen any recent reports here and I wonder why?

As for NYBBQ, I went late for lunch, about 3PM and the place was empty. I was greeted with a big smile by the lady behind the counter. As it was my first visit and I wanted to give them a fair evaluation, I ordered a Combo Dinner #9 Any 3 Meats $17.95 (with Beef Ribs, Beef Links, Pork Rib Tips, BBQ Baked Beans, Potato Salad and Corn Bread). This mirrors what I often order elsewhere. They said I could go to the store in the same center a few feet away for a drink. I also sampled a Baby Back Rib (not on the menu, it replaces Pork Spare Ribs), Smoked Brisket, Cole Slaw and Collard Greens.

Sides were just ok, I prefer a dryer Potato Salad, Cole Slaw was better than most because it was not swimming in that white dressing, BBQ Baked Beans and Collard Greens were a bit bland, still ok though but I was here for the meats! My 3-meat combo came with sauce on it and at first I was dissapointed that they only have one sauce, I like hot BBQ sauce with a few dried chilis in it like Phillip's but this sauce did taste good and the meats meaty/smoky flavor did shine through the sauce. The meats were at least very good and in one case transcendent!!! In general the meats were reasonably tender but not too tender. You do need teeth to eat their meat! The meats were also flavored with real smoke, probably oak but I'm not sure, next time I'll look behind the building or just ask. Beef Ribs were so good, lots of meat and good beefy/smokey flavor, I'll order these again. While they tasted really good, the Beef Links were not the coarse grind that I like, but I will order these again. The Pork Rib Tips were good but I liked the Baby Back Rib much better, more meat that was flavorful, very juicy and tender. I was a baby back virgin, I thought that they were a product of corporate chain places but damm these were good!

The real surprise was the Smoked Brisket that I sampled sans sauce. It was the best example of this meat that I have ever had in California, as good as the best that I've scarfed down in Texas!!! It was sliced off of a large brisket as I watched and the clear juices dripped off of it! NOT DRY, VERY JUICY! I will say this only once - if you like Smoked Brisket that is not dried out like most within the confines of this board and beyond, get your backside down to NYBBQ, that's New York Barbeque and order #4 Smoked Brisket $8.95 Lunch $12.95 Dinner and if it is as good as what I sampled you're gonna be one happy carnivore!!! I command you -GO NOW!!!

Note: These guys are really on the ball. The paper menu that I brought home lists #1 Pork Spare Ribs but they have updated the menu on their website to show the recent change to #1 Pork Baby Back Ribs!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good experience there -- I too like a coarser beef link but they grew on me after a while. I liked the slaw and the mac n cheese. However my experience actually managing to get my food there was so horrific I haven't even figured out whether to post about it on my blog. I'll just say, I'd advise taking the "really on the ball" line with a grain of salt.

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      Regarding getting the food, sorry your experience was worse than mine. I did say that the place was empty when I got there. I ordered and they prepared my order which took about 5 minutes, maybe a little longer. A couple of guys came in when I was nearly done with my massive amount of food and they were served in a timely manner too. Hopefully your "horrific" experience was a one time or at least rare occurance. If it were me I would give them another try before publishing a scathing article on your blog. My "..really on the ball." comment was just about the fact that they had updated their website menu, so many restaurants seem to have online menus that are not updated in a timely manner.

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      1. How far south of the Santa Monica freeway is this place? Sounds like they know their way with beef (brisket and beef ribs) more than pork (punting on spareribs to go with baby backs, and they list sliced pork on their dinners and by-the-pound so I doubt what goes in the sandwiches is pulled pork, a far different cut). How trimmed is the brisket? Any crispy fat layer or "wet" option? I like a hot bbq sauce -- hot/medium combined at Phillip's or JR's -- did their's have any zing at all?

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          It's not south, it's north, just before La Brea. The brisket is kind of fatty, but tasty. The sauce has only a touch of zing, it could certainly be hotter for my taste, but I guess it's a good middle ground. I prefer the places where you can order mild, medium or tongue-searing.

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            it's on la brea, just north of olympic (@ 9th & la brea).

        2. I miss Greece's but yeah - NYBBQ is real good. Best BBQ North of the 10. But I still want to try Swinging Door in North Hollywood

          1. Sel's description was right on the money. This place is about the food. If you like Barbque, this place is as good as Dr. Hogly Wogly's. Better for takeout than sitdown.