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Sunday night Date Night

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I'm looking for suggestions for someplace for a date on Sunday. Nothing too quite, or too loud. Good food but not overly extravagant. Any suggestions???? I was thinking Gaslight might be a little quieter on a Sunday, but not too quiet. Maybe Rocca or Oleana. Heard good things about Salts, but never been there. Any help is much appreciated...

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  1. Can't comment on Gaslight or Rocca, as I haven't been yet. I do like Oleana and Salts, but wouldn't recommend them for your purposes; Oleana tends to be fairly loud, and Salts is pretty expensive.

    You might consider Grotto on Beacon Hill. Very good Italian in a nifty subterranean space, not too expensive, not too loud or quiet. I particularly love their risotti; I also like the fact that all their pastas are available in half portions.

    Chez Henri might also work, a French/Cuban bistro between Harvard and Porter squares. I've seldom gone wrong here, but I think the seafood dishes are particularly excellent. Also a plus for a date: it's one of the few places I know around Boston that does a consistently good job with desserts. Their bar menu is arguably even better than the dining room (sublime pressed sandwiches), but probably not for a date.

    1. Goldilocks, my friend, if you go to Oleana or Salts on a "date," you are setting the bar WAY too high initially. :)

      Seriously, though, I think of both of them as more special occasion places. Based your suggestions, I take it to be a fourth or fifth date - not too casual, something a bit more intimate?

      Many of the places that might be normally noisier should be really quiet on Sunday night, since most people will be partying to watch the Pats at 4:15.

      Grotto is a good suggestion - but you might also consider Central Kitchen, Rendezvous or Blue Room on that side. On Boston side, I wonder if Toro might be fine, again thinking that it will be quieter than normal...

      1. I'm not enamored with Rocca, but Gaslight might be a good idea. It has a busy feel and is loud with its tiled walls, but possibly not on Sunday.

        Second Toro, Grotto, RendezVous, Chez Henri

        Also: East Coast Grille, Ten Tables, Gargoyles, Silvertone, Trattoria Toscona, Union

        I'd actually suggest the bar at most of these places, but I'm a bar-sittin' type of girl.

        1. I would try Union Bar and Grille - it's large, but not too loud; casual and not over the top expensive. Metropolis is much smaller, but lively. I haven't been to Pops, but heard it was good. All of them are open on Sunday evening.

          1. I don't know if they still do it but Pigalle usually has a prix-fixe on Sunday nights. The food there is always fantastic and I have always thought it would be a good date restaurant as it has a nice intimate and elegant feel.

            Craigie is also small and intimate, and might do the chef's tasting on Sundays, which is really great if you are the adventurous type (although I would not recommend this if you or your date is at all squeamish with food, last time I had it it was sweetbreads).

            Salts is nice and quiet, so that would also be a good option. I find it a bit nosier at Oleanas. And, I doubt Gaslight ever gets that quiet....

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              My hubbie and I love to go out for dinner on Sunday nights. A couple of our favorites are:
              Eastern Standard: I always find their food tp be really good. Sit at the bar and the bartenders will take care of you!
              Central Kitchen: Smaller and more romantic than ES, but also a great place to saddle up to the bar. Great oysters....always a good meal.

            2. I think Grotto and Eastern Standard are good ideas. You might also consider Euno in the North End.

              Gaslight is loud. The tables at Oleana are close together. Pigalle is an expensive, special occasion spot. You probably don't want to sit at a bar unless it's a blind date and you have reason to believe you won't want to be looking at his/her face all night.

              1. several sundays i've been to gaslight it has been LOUD, and the food is barely ok. rocca still seems to be struggling.

                guess it all depends -- is this a blind date? a first date? is the person a foodie? will you need to play it safe? what's extravagant in your view?

                i'd offer eastern standard (at the bar), central kitchen and blue room. maybe neptune, but i can never get out of there for cheap. bin 26 enoteca is nice for wine and sharing small plates. what about tapas and sangria at dali? or grazing on meze at casablanca? pops is reasonably priced for the neighborhood and feels intimate since it is so small. bar at sage could be fun too. cafe table at excelsior for the bar menu and champagne.

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                  Marco is also a good sunday night place with an old-school family style menu that would be nice to share.