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Nov 2, 2007 10:17 AM

Sunday night Date Night

I'm looking for suggestions for someplace for a date on Sunday. Nothing too quite, or too loud. Good food but not overly extravagant. Any suggestions???? I was thinking Gaslight might be a little quieter on a Sunday, but not too quiet. Maybe Rocca or Oleana. Heard good things about Salts, but never been there. Any help is much appreciated...

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  1. Can't comment on Gaslight or Rocca, as I haven't been yet. I do like Oleana and Salts, but wouldn't recommend them for your purposes; Oleana tends to be fairly loud, and Salts is pretty expensive.

    You might consider Grotto on Beacon Hill. Very good Italian in a nifty subterranean space, not too expensive, not too loud or quiet. I particularly love their risotti; I also like the fact that all their pastas are available in half portions.

    Chez Henri might also work, a French/Cuban bistro between Harvard and Porter squares. I've seldom gone wrong here, but I think the seafood dishes are particularly excellent. Also a plus for a date: it's one of the few places I know around Boston that does a consistently good job with desserts. Their bar menu is arguably even better than the dining room (sublime pressed sandwiches), but probably not for a date.

    1. Goldilocks, my friend, if you go to Oleana or Salts on a "date," you are setting the bar WAY too high initially. :)

      Seriously, though, I think of both of them as more special occasion places. Based your suggestions, I take it to be a fourth or fifth date - not too casual, something a bit more intimate?

      Many of the places that might be normally noisier should be really quiet on Sunday night, since most people will be partying to watch the Pats at 4:15.

      Grotto is a good suggestion - but you might also consider Central Kitchen, Rendezvous or Blue Room on that side. On Boston side, I wonder if Toro might be fine, again thinking that it will be quieter than normal...

      1. I'm not enamored with Rocca, but Gaslight might be a good idea. It has a busy feel and is loud with its tiled walls, but possibly not on Sunday.

        Second Toro, Grotto, RendezVous, Chez Henri

        Also: East Coast Grille, Ten Tables, Gargoyles, Silvertone, Trattoria Toscona, Union

        I'd actually suggest the bar at most of these places, but I'm a bar-sittin' type of girl.

        1. I would try Union Bar and Grille - it's large, but not too loud; casual and not over the top expensive. Metropolis is much smaller, but lively. I haven't been to Pops, but heard it was good. All of them are open on Sunday evening.

          1. I don't know if they still do it but Pigalle usually has a prix-fixe on Sunday nights. The food there is always fantastic and I have always thought it would be a good date restaurant as it has a nice intimate and elegant feel.

            Craigie is also small and intimate, and might do the chef's tasting on Sundays, which is really great if you are the adventurous type (although I would not recommend this if you or your date is at all squeamish with food, last time I had it it was sweetbreads).

            Salts is nice and quiet, so that would also be a good option. I find it a bit nosier at Oleanas. And, I doubt Gaslight ever gets that quiet....

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              My hubbie and I love to go out for dinner on Sunday nights. A couple of our favorites are:
              Eastern Standard: I always find their food tp be really good. Sit at the bar and the bartenders will take care of you!
              Central Kitchen: Smaller and more romantic than ES, but also a great place to saddle up to the bar. Great oysters....always a good meal.