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Nov 2, 2007 10:13 AM

San Diego - Dinner at Cavaillon

Pheasant Ballotine, chestnut soup, celery root
Maple leaf Duck breast, pineapple chutney, blood orange gastrique.
Slowly braised wild Boar, fresh herb tagliatelle, juniper berry cream sauce
Venaison Medaillion rossini, huckleberry "Grand veneur".
Warm fourme d'ambert tat, Port wine caramel

Chef Philipe simply out did himself on a special meal for our group of 12.

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  1. what is this stuff? pheasant ballotine? sounds weird.

    i dont like to eat stuff that i either cant pronounce, or i dont know what it is.

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    1. re: long_ballers

      ballotine is meat that is boned, stuffed and tied to a bundle and then braised.

      1. re: long_ballers

        to each their own but you are missing out on a lot of good food

      2. It sounds beautiful. I'm adding Cavaillon to my ever-growing restaurant list. I liked how all of the protein was from a variety of game animals. Is this on the regular menu or did you have a special menu put together for your group? How were the prices, if you don't mind my asking?

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          it was a special menu to go along with wines that our group was bringing (CDPs and southern rhones). it worked out to a very reasonable (I felt) $90 per person which included corkage, tax, tip. we did another dinner there several months back and, as I recall, that worked out to something like $125 per person. Francois is great to work with.

        2. I was just there on Tuesday with my wife and had the pheasant ballotine and duck breast. Also had the duo of fig <something> and cold foie, scallops on paella, and stripped bass (on a bed of long-simmered provencal-ish tomato+olives, with some kind of foam). The duck breast and stripped bass were absolutely incredible. My wife usually hates duck, and when they brought it (we were doing "mercy of the chef"), I just went: "Uh, oh", but she tried it and went: "Wow, this is the best duck I've ever had, this is my favorite dish of the whole meal".

          Things to look forward to: The candied tangerines should be available by mid-November, and are not to be missed. And truffle season starts around January 1st.

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          1. re: mikec

            ooh, thanks for reminding me of their candied tangerines! I still remember the one I had last year!