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Nov 2, 2007 09:47 AM

New resto at Allen/Rivington: Kutra (sp?)

Walked past this newcomer yesterday; surprised that i hadn't read anything about its opening in any of the usual sources although i have been seeing ongoing construction for the past two months or so... anyway, stopped in and inquired (it was friends & family last night) and they are officially opening TONIGHT, serving "eclectic asian food", "pan-asian and indonesian," according to a woman working there.

VERY excited about the Indonesian mention, as I love indo food but have found it quite difficult to find in New York. Granted I think we'll see more of an indonesian "influence" rather than indonesian food, per se...
Haven't seen a menu yet but will certainly stop by tonight to browse and/or eat!

Please post first thoughts/reports if you go...

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