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BURRATA [Moved from What's My Craving? board]

Anyone know restaurants in Manhattan that serve dishes featuring burrata?

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  1. I once had it at the Agata e Valentina restaurant across the street from the shop (upper east side). I don't know if they still serve it.

    1. You can use the Find-a-Food search function on Menupages to locate restaurants that have burrata on the menu. Note: Because menus can change, it's best to call the restaurant to check if it's still being served.

      1. Sandro used to serve it at his old place; maybe it is at his new one on the UES..but really, what would the dishes be..just the cheese on a plate with garnish, I would guess..It is so easy to buy it and eat it at home! At DiPalo you have the choice of their home made or the ones flown in from Campania.

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          When we had dinner at L'Impero during the summer, my first course was burrata imported from Italy served with cherry tomatoes in "tomato water," i.e., a chilled broth. Delicious!

        2. its pretty popular as a stand alone dish. my favorite was at felidia and at noodle pudding in bk heights.

          1. Just had some at Crispo, which you should try anyway b/c it's awesome. I've been twice in the past two weeks, and can't wait to go back.

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              Nattie can you tell me more about your meal at Crispo..I hope to go there this week...thanks!

            2. best one i've had was at bar pitti (6th ave, just north of houston). though best to call ahead and confirm they have it.

              1. I once had a great baked Burrata dish at Cru.

                1. Bond 45 on 45th and 7th has a mozzarella tasting platter that is divine. The burrata is the best I've had, and there are 3 or 4 other kinds of mozzarella (bocconcini, buffalo) as well. Delicious.

                  Entrees there are pretty steep but the pasta is fairly reasonable and pretty tasty.

                  1. Thank you all for your replies!! I do not live in NYC so I cannot have it at home (am from panama and they do not have it here) but I visit NYC whenever I can and am in love with burrata, so I wanted to see where it is offered. I had heard of Crispo and it seems like a place I definitely should visit. But it's also nice to have options so I will check with the places suggested before I go.

                    1. Gennaro's has a lovely starter of burrata w/ vegetables. The rest of the menu is fantastic too.
                      It is worth standing on line for their wonderful menu.