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Nov 2, 2007 09:36 AM

BURRATA [Moved from What's My Craving? board]

Anyone know restaurants in Manhattan that serve dishes featuring burrata?

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  1. I once had it at the Agata e Valentina restaurant across the street from the shop (upper east side). I don't know if they still serve it.

    1. You can use the Find-a-Food search function on Menupages to locate restaurants that have burrata on the menu. Note: Because menus can change, it's best to call the restaurant to check if it's still being served.

      1. Sandro used to serve it at his old place; maybe it is at his new one on the UES..but really, what would the dishes be..just the cheese on a plate with garnish, I would guess..It is so easy to buy it and eat it at home! At DiPalo you have the choice of their home made or the ones flown in from Campania.

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          When we had dinner at L'Impero during the summer, my first course was burrata imported from Italy served with cherry tomatoes in "tomato water," i.e., a chilled broth. Delicious!

        2. its pretty popular as a stand alone dish. my favorite was at felidia and at noodle pudding in bk heights.

          1. Just had some at Crispo, which you should try anyway b/c it's awesome. I've been twice in the past two weeks, and can't wait to go back.

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              Nattie can you tell me more about your meal at Crispo..I hope to go there this week...thanks!