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Nov 2, 2007 09:33 AM

Browned butter caramelized rice krispy treats

This recipe appeared in an article in the NYT food section this week. I tried it last night and I like them a lot. The browned butter/caramel flavor is subtle (I think I may play with it a little in future batches) but a big improvement over the plain Jane standard version (of which I am also quite fond).

The ingredients are the same, but you brown the butter then cook the marshmallows a bit longer. I think the proportions may be tweaked, higher butter:marshmallow ratio, too.

Yum. Had to get them out of the house this morning to save me from myself.

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  1. Thanks for the input. Noticed the recipe and was curious.

    1. I just made these this past weekend and they were SO DELICIOUS. Amazing that such a simple little adaptation could take these so far beyond the standard recipe.

      I used 6 ounces of butter instead of the 8 recommended, 10.5 oz mini marshmallows and only a 9 ounce box of cereal. I thought that the ratio was fabulous, they turned out really crunchy and have a lovely carmelly flavor. A definite keeper!