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Nov 2, 2007 09:18 AM

Indian restaurants in Framingham

I've been thinking of trying out a few Indian restaurants I've spotten in Framingham: Welcome Indian on Route 9, Rasoi, and Dakshin. Has anyone been to anyone of these? Is there one that is better than the other?

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  1. there was a (small) group outing to dakshin back in the summer. there's a report on the board if you search for it. however, shortly thereafter dakshin was reported closed due to health code violations. i don't know if it has reopened.

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    1. re: autopi

      It reopened, but I think the bad press hit them hard enough that they were experimenting with running nightclubs on weekend nights. Usually when a restaurant goes down that road, the food doesn't come back (Jin in Saugus has also recently gone this route, as well as to some extent Sunset Cafe in East Cambridge.)

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        wow...that's too bad. it was a really spectacular meal--the crab curry in particular was wonderful. really out of the way for me, but based on my experience really talented cooking.

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          That building through the last 3 restos has a large function space that runs a Brazillian nightclub on weekends.

      2. Has anyone tried Rasoi,the restaurant around the BACK of Trolley Plaza, not the take-out counter of the Indian grocery in front?

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          We've been to Rasoi twice. Both times the restaurant was nearly empty, which makes it a strange dining experience.

          I think the only thing I got at Rasoi that I didn't like was a chai tea, but the food itself was fine. If we wanted Indian in this area, we'd head here and not bother trying to find a new place, so we definitely didn't have any problems with it on our previous visits.

          However, I should mention that while I like Indian food, I can't take spicy foods, so...not sure how authentic a source I would be. And I only go with my husband so we have maybe 2 or 3 dishes, max, per meal.

          I haven't been to the other restaurants you mentioned. and I think we would have gone to Rasoi more often except the emptiness of the restaurant was a little weird. Somehow seeing more people at a restaurant makes it a better experience and memory.

          1. re: taterjane

            don't overlook Curry Leaf on rt9 east next to x-mas tree shop. far better than all except Dakshin (pre closing-haven't ben since). it's small but great!

        2. I also like Gold Star (on the connector road between Rt 9 and Rt 30). They have a phenomenal Coconut Chicken dish offered occasionally as a special and not on their regular menu. I order it everytime I go there (regardless if it's a special or not...). Also, check out Welcome on Rt 9 east (near Trolley Sq). The atmosphere isn't much to speak of, but I've always enjoyed their offerings.