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What do you guys think of Wallse?

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Let's say you have to entertain a foodie (chowhound, indeed) couple, you want nice / classy atmosphere, and you want to stay below midtown, where would you go?

Food over atmosphere, if you have to choose. And price is no object.

Is Wallse a good choice? What other choices do I have?

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  1. I very much like Wallse and enjoy the Austrian wine list. Annisa is another option.

    Old review of Wallse - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/227674

    There was a recent nice piece about it in the NYT as well - not a Bruni review, though.

    1. Have not been to Wallse. Just tried Danube (it's atmosphere/service over food).

      Allen & Delancey just opened. I have not received any responses to my inquiry on this board re: food, etc. I hope to go soon.

      Degustation (the open kitchen/bar seating is best for one or two so if you are entertaining this might not be a good choice). There are several threads. We really enjoyed our meals.

      Blue Hill? I have not been. Bouley (I have not been in ages).

      1. So everyone thinks that Annisa is a better choice?

        1. Wallse is an excellent choice. For a bit more upscale, you might also try Bouley.

          1. Wallse is nice, but if price is not a problem, I think you can do much better. If you want something in the village, I would choose Annisa or Cru. The food at Annisa is interesting and the atmosphere is cozier, Cru is more formal but I find Cru more exciting because they give you more canapes and amuses and between course tastes that make the meal more special. Great wine list too.

            1. Hi everyone!
              Any other thoughts?

              So my choices are just Annisa, Wallse or Bouley? Of these, which one should I choose?
              Anyone has other suggestions (20th street or below)?

              Thanks so much chowhounds!

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                  I haven't been to Annisa, but between Bouley and Wallse, I'd go to Bouley. Wallse is excellent, but a much more casual dining experience than Bouley.

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                    I've not been to Bouley (must rectify) but from what I've read, I agree with ellenost, and would add that Anissa would be a step up from Wallse.

                  2. re: PeteM

                    I can't say anything disparaging about either Wallse or Annisa. If it were me I would decide after checking out the menus. Given the season and dealing with out of towners....Wallse would be my choice

                    1. re: thegreekone

                      Just out of curiosity, what about dealing with out of towners that made you choose Wallse?

                      1. re: PeteM

                        There are very few places swimming in Austrian fare. The best compliment I can give Wallse is that I always ask myself why I don't eat there more often when I leave.

                    2. re: PeteM

                      Do see this review of Annisa from a frequent poster - from last night - disappointing meal:


                    3. Wallse is an excellent restaurant. I'd go there over Annisa everytime.

                      I loved the rabbit and spaetzle dish, the lobster app, wild game (Scottish partridge was great...watch out for the occasional buckshot) and the salzburg nockerl for dessert is great.