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Nov 2, 2007 09:16 AM

What do you guys think of Wallse?

Let's say you have to entertain a foodie (chowhound, indeed) couple, you want nice / classy atmosphere, and you want to stay below midtown, where would you go?

Food over atmosphere, if you have to choose. And price is no object.

Is Wallse a good choice? What other choices do I have?

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  1. I very much like Wallse and enjoy the Austrian wine list. Annisa is another option.

    Old review of Wallse -

    There was a recent nice piece about it in the NYT as well - not a Bruni review, though.

    1. Have not been to Wallse. Just tried Danube (it's atmosphere/service over food).

      Allen & Delancey just opened. I have not received any responses to my inquiry on this board re: food, etc. I hope to go soon.

      Degustation (the open kitchen/bar seating is best for one or two so if you are entertaining this might not be a good choice). There are several threads. We really enjoyed our meals.

      Blue Hill? I have not been. Bouley (I have not been in ages).

      1. So everyone thinks that Annisa is a better choice?

        1. Wallse is an excellent choice. For a bit more upscale, you might also try Bouley.

          1. Wallse is nice, but if price is not a problem, I think you can do much better. If you want something in the village, I would choose Annisa or Cru. The food at Annisa is interesting and the atmosphere is cozier, Cru is more formal but I find Cru more exciting because they give you more canapes and amuses and between course tastes that make the meal more special. Great wine list too.