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Nov 2, 2007 08:37 AM

Places to Eat Goat

I'm chowing down on some stewed goat at the moment that I picked up for lunch from Sophie's down here in the Financial District. Excellent stuff! Red beans that came with it, though, could use some help.

Anywhere else in Manhattan that serves good goat dishes?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yvonne Yvonne is a truck on the corner of 71st & York during lunch hours. She serves curried goat w/various sides (rice & peas, collards, plantain etc.) as well as other Jamaican entrees. I've never been disappointed and always satisfied. Also has restaurant @ 301 W. 135 St.

      1. The hands down best goat in the city is the slow roasted baby goat at L'Impero in Tudor City. It was an instant permanent item on the menu from their first week open. I have not been to L'Impero since chef Scott Conant left recently so you might check with them when you call to make a reservation.

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        1. re: Glutton_ny

          I agree but it wasn't mentioned in the Times review this week and it was so closely associated with Conant that I suspect White dropped it.

        2. Gabriel's on 60th St. between Columbus and Broadway prepares a nice goat dish that is cooked on there wood-fired grill.


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          1. re: Eddie H.

            gabriel's seconded but i think their "kid arriabiato" is slow-roasted not grilled.

            1. re: mcoleman

              Ahh yes, you're right-- it had been a while. Stupid me-- makes much more sense to slow roast goat than to grill it.

            2. re: Eddie H.

              Is the kid arrabiato served atop pasta or is it served more as a secondo?