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Nov 2, 2007 08:22 AM

Lucali's closed for renovations

Went to Lucali's yesterday only to discover that it was closed for renovations. So we headed for the first time to Korhogo.

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  1. I might cry. Any indication as to how long it will be closed?

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    1. re: Olive123

      wow! i had plans to stop by on the way home this evening. d'oh! thanks for the heads up!

      1. re: Olive123

        I think the note in the window said that they expect to reopen November 7.

          1. re: boccalupo

            I actually found it immediately after the post - thanks guys but really I had missed that opening.

          2. re: Ljubitca

            «What is Korhogo?» Look at my posting one up from this thread.

          3. Has anyone been to Lucali since the renovations? It didn't lose any charm, did it?

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            1. re: EJC

              Looks exactly the same. Not sure what they renovated, but it's invisible in the front of house.