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Nov 2, 2007 08:00 AM

St. Louis - good reasonable food around Barnes-Jewish

I will be in St. Louis at the end of the month for about a week, while my mom is in Barnes-Jewish and have not been to the area for almost 10 years, need ideas good reasonable priced food in the area? Do not want to have to drive to far out of the area. Thanks!

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  1. They have a lunch buffet in Queenie Towers which I always found acceptable. One of the best views in St. Louis. You can even get beer or wine.

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      In the Central West End, Crazy Bowls and Wraps, Subway, Culpepper's, Pasta House, Racineli's Pizza, Llywelyn's Pub. Some are in walking distance. The Boathouse in Forest Park.

      Go to and search on location for "Central West End".

      Other locations that are close, but not in walking distance are Dogtown, Forest Park, The Grove, Grand Central, The Hill, Tower Grove ...

    2. I moved away this summer but worked at the Medical Center for six years. Near BJH are the Scottish Arms, Coffee Oasis, and Little Saigon (go for the soup). Eternity Vegetarian is also pretty good.

      1. Also check out The Loop ... Riddles, Blueberry Hill, Cicero's, Fitz's, Jimmy John's, ... see Saucemagazine's website under Restaurants University City/Loop.

        Duff's also in the Central West End

        1. I think that Moxy (contemporary) and Sansui (Japanese) are within walking distance.

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            For lunches- I prefer moxy- it is a very small cafe with a large menu- soups, pastas, burger, sandwiches. the salmon is my favorite there.
            st. louis coffee oasis is pretty good as well.
            panera is the closest option
            there is a small sushi place that i have heard is good called sake (or something close?)

            chez leon is fabulous for dinner- they have a 35 dollar prix fixe- french food
            moxy is good for dinner as well

            all of these suggestions are very close to barnes

          2. What about O'Connell's Pub for a great handmade burger or a wonderful roast beef sandwhich? Nice selection of draft beers in a wonderful old pub.

            I believe they are very close to the hospital area.