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Nov 2, 2007 07:18 AM

Dim Sum in Vegas?

Does anyone have recommendations for good dim sum in Vegas? I especially like the steamed items and the barbecue savories.

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  1. I highly reccomend Cathay House on Spring Moutain....lots of steamed items and bbq favorites.
    An upscale spot for Dim Sum would be Red 8 @ the Wynn.....prepared to order....

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    1. re: ciaogal

      we stopped in at red 8 for a light lunch last Sat, ordered about 5 dishes. What we had was generally good, nothing great or spectacular. at $40 for 5 plates a soda and a beer, it was a reasonable light lunch on the strip, but compared to our dim sum spot at home, it was twice as expensive an not really any better.

    2. Opinions seem to vary as to which is the best, but most seem to agree that each of the places are good. I've been to each of these: Cathay House, Chang's Hong Kong, Orchids Garden.

      There is also dim sum at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast, but I haven't been there yet.

      Cathay House Restaurant
      5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

      Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine
      4670 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

      Orchids Garden
      5485 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146

      Ping Pang Pong
      4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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      1. re: Wonginator

        as mentioned in past, i've been to all 4, my SO and I rank them orchid's, cathay, ping then changs....changs was #2 at one point ...i feel like i need to hit cathay at least 2 more times, earlier in the day, before i can give a true ranking...i've never spent more than $25 for two people and trust me, i'm a big eater !!

      2. In my opinion, Cathay House has the best dim sum in Vegas. The quality and freshness is excellent. Orchid comes in a close second, though. I've eaten at Chang's twice and I felt that the flavors weren't exactly "on", if that makes sense. Nothing was bad, the food just didn't taste like I thought it should.

        1. Thank you all for the recommendations. We enjoyed our trip to Vegas. One of the best stops was the dim sum at Cathay House. Wanted to try the other places that were mentioned in this post but ran out of time and appetite.

          As for our meal at Cathay House, we were quite pleased. The steamers were really good: har gow in a delicate wrapper, siu mai, spareribs, shark fin gow, bean curd rolls, and chive gow. They did a great job with the chow fun noodles and fried stuffed crab claws, too. Atmosphere was nice; place was clean and well decorated and the service was friendly and attentive. Surprisingly, we got out of there after tax and tip for $19.00 for the two of us!

          I have had better in San Francisco, but this place beat anywhere we have eaten in Sacramento hands down! I wish we would have been hungrier so we could have tried more things. We will be back!