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Nov 2, 2007 07:13 AM

Dining alone Fri Night in Seattle?

Any good places downtown? Ideally excellent food - with a preference for local/in season. I am willing to walk or otherwise travel a bit if needed.

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  1. The bars at Palace Kitchen or Union may be your best bets for food with no reservation, but expect to be somewhat crowded.

    As another idea, you might try the Elysian Fields brewpub just south of downtown/pioneer square along 1st ave. Beer is definitely a regional specialty and the pumpkin ales they have on right now are as seasonal and local as it gets. The food is also quite competent. This is a regular Friday evening standby for me since besides the good food and beer, it's large enough (huge space, really) that it doesn't feel crowded even when it's busy (unless there's a Seahawks game next door - not a problem on Fridays) and there's no wait for a space at the bar or a table.

    1. both union and steelhead diner (both "excellent food - with a preference for local/in season") have seating specifically for singles but i have sat by myself at deuces at both locations and never was made to feel either geeky nor that i was "stealing" the other seat.

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        I have had some very nice solo meals at Union as well, their bar menu is a terrific value. I also enjoy solo meals at Le Pichet and Cafe Campagne.


      2. I was at Campagne a few weeks ago sitting in the bar with some friends on a Friday night. There were three people having dinner solo and all looked really happy to be there. Two had books and the other just enjoyed the view out the window. You can get the full menu in the bar, nice atmosphere, quiet. I travel for work and often have to eat out solo. I would feel happy and comfortable there.

        1. Probably too late but the captains chairs in the Brooklyn always looked perfect for dining alone. Good oysters too. Moderately good steaks.

          1. Please keep this thread going, and keep us posted on where you went. I'll be dining alone on a Wednesday in Seattle and am looking for downtown suggestions as well.