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NY food in the bay area

can someone tell me where i can actually get GOOD pizza and good bagels, not the mediocre "new york style pizza" which does not compare to the pizza in new york. and the bagels you can get in NYC are 200 times better than any bagel i have had in this area

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    1. You cannot get NYC bagels in the Bay Area!

      1. I can give you a couple suggestions for pizza:Gioia in Berkeley makes the real thing, and tastes, smells, and looks the same as real Neapolitan Nyc thin crust pizza. Another good place is in Sf: Pizza Orgasmica in SF makes a great cornmeal crust pizza with a great crisp, thin crust.
        For bagels,Walnut Creek Bagel Co. has its good days and its bad days.

        1. adrouault
          It would probably be less frustrating and more satisfying to catch a cheap, 'red eye' to NYC and eat/take home your fill. :-}

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            True, but what if you wanted to eat nyc style pizza while watching the sunset in SF.

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              This may come as a big shock, but we have some pretty decent sunsets here as well...And much better pizza...:-}

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                It's just a different feel. I know the pizza is much better and the sunsets can ce cool and homey. And no, it doesn't come as a big shock to me because you are talking to a native of your area.

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                  Speaking of Sunsets and Pizza, the Pizza Place on Noriega near Ocean Beach is pretty good for thin crust pizza. I have no clue how it compares to authentic NY pizza, but we enjoy it. The pepperoni tends to be too oily, but the cappicola or the sausage is really good. It's best hot, but if you wanted to watch a sunset, they will wrap up the pizza in foil for you to stroll down to the beach.

          2. you cannot get good bagels. Closest pizza to ny that I have had is Escape from NY on Haight.