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Nov 2, 2007 05:30 AM

cranbury inn, cranbury

is this a restaurant, or catering hall? what is food like? from website looks kinda played out.
is it? TIA

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  1. They are alittle bit run down but colonial inside. My parents reception was there in 1961. It's a restaurant and they're top things are liver and onions and crabcakes,Deb

    1. This place was really just a restaurant until about 2 years ago, when they added a huge addition, and now is more of a catering hall (although the restaurant is still in operation).
      As for quality, I'll paraphrase an old Zagat review: "Punishment by Pilgrims", "Food for the Elderly". That said, some people really like it.

      1. I agree...a bit on the geriatric side....the food, however was pretty good. Just not a "happening place

        1. I walked into this place last year with my husband and when I took a look around...yikes!!..I lied to the hostess and said we were looking for friends, we would wait outside. It was a Sat. night around 7 ish, the place had maybe 5 tables, the decor was like my parents old house's basement with that old wood paneling...OLD!!!! I can't comment on the food, but the place is an eyesore inside.

          1. Their new catering hall is gorgeous but the food is awful - at least the restaurant food (can't speak to the catering, if it's any different). I knew friends of the owners from my newspaper days and got a tour a few years back.

            Also from my newspaper days - I went to a lunch there with the Red Hat ladies (I was covering their outing) and the food was so bland and boring. Made the mistake of agreeing to eat there again with friends and had the same bad food. It's an institution in the town, but there are many, many better places to eat in Cranbury.