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Nov 2, 2007 05:07 AM

andalusia - flamenco, or jewish spots?

Does anyone have recommendations for dinner or drink locations in Andalusia (probably Seville or Jerez), where some good flamenco music is offered? OR - where some local Jewish fare is available?
Thanks a lot!

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  1. hi
    this not be exactly what you're looking for, but i strongly recommend La Casa de la Memoria (c/Ximenez de Enciso) a sort of cultural center and museum of sephardic culture in the center of the barrio Sta.Cruz. they have nightly performances of flamenco and sometimes of sephardi music in a handsome old patio. there's no food or drinks and no flashy showmanship for tourists, but the performances are of extremely high quality and very inexpensive. the area is full of good tapas places, you'll not want for food.

    1. We were in Seville in September and I think the general advice is that dinner and flamenco together is likely to be a "tourist" production with average food and dance.
      We tended to cruise around the Tapas bars in the roads running off the cathedral square, and we stopped for a Tapa or two in a number of bars to soaking up the atmosphere - most very good - we chose by looking at the food and how packed they were (if you can get a seat it is not popular enough!).

      We did go to a Flamenco bar afterwards (La Carbonaria - I think), it was quite a mix of young tourists and locals. They had a flamenco dancer and singer/guitarist - very soulful. They also had a local band which had flamenco routes but with very modern interpretation. I think it is a pretty informal club where dancers/musicians turn up rather than a fixed show. Free to get in, beer bar and some very basic food.