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Nov 2, 2007 04:41 AM

downtown Atlanta lunch

Hi, I will be in Atlanta shortly & am having dinner at South City Kitchen. Around lunchtime that same day, however, I will be without a car, walking around the GA Capitol and perhaps take in the Folk Art museum in the GA Pacific Building, or maybe go up to Centennial Park area & the Aquarium. I am looking for a lunch recommendation that will have good food, not too time consuming, not too expensive. I am interested in a good BBQ place (I esp like pulled pork) or meat n 3 or Latin, Caribbean, Oriental (noodles, Thai, etc.-- any Oriental other than sushi), Indian, mideastern, eastern European, Spanish . . . . but would also go to a really good sandwich place/cafe or businessman's lunch place if not too expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Right. In the downtown area where you'll be (Centennial Park, Aquarium, etc.) there are a bunch of chain-type places that you should probably avoid - Ted's Montana Grill and the like.

    Its a bit out of the way, but my understanding is that Rolling Bones BBQ (on 377 Edgewood) is one of the best bbq places in the city.

    There are countless good eats in the Downtown/Midtown area but I will recommend Junper St (right off 14th near Piedmont Park). There is Einstein's, Loca Luna, and a bunch of other fun and more unique places. I think Nam is out that way too, which is a recommended Vietnamese place.

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      To get to any of Shipwreck place's, you can hop on the Marta train and ride up a couple of stops to the North, Midtown or Arts Center stations. Call and ask the restaurant what the closest stop is. I agree that there's not much memorable to be had in the area you'll be in. Unfortunately, there's not many types of the places you're looking for along the Marta line. There's Nan Thai, Tamarind Seed Thai, the eclectic Globe, Baraonda Italian and The Vortex, one of my favorite hamburger joints.