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Nov 2, 2007 04:08 AM

Near Littleton, MA [Moved from Boston board]

Any ideas for the best places close to Littleton? I sometimes go in to Lowell for SE Asian food, and would appreciate any recs there, but also any other suggestions--my preference is for places with around 30 mins. driving time or less. My preferred cuisines include Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Cambodian (on the Lowell angle), Japanese, and any decent Jamaican or Mexican if any is available so far out of the city.


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  1. Good luck with your quest finding the types of restaurants you listed. I attend a luncheon meeting in Littleton semi-annually at Ken's American Bar & Grill and I would not recommend that place to my worst enemy. There are a couple of Chinese restaurants in the vicinity and a 99, but that's all I know about. Perhaps others will have the recommendations you're looking for.

    Here's a link to a CH discussion of last year that may help you:

    1. In Ayer (Rt. 110), you can find a good Korean restaurant (Woo Jung), and a very nice Chinese Restaurant (Ah Gin Wong's), an OK Thai restaurant (Mango Grill).

      In Acton (Rt. 27), you can find a decent Thai restaurant (Benjarong) and an OK Mexican restaurant (Danielle's Cantina).

      Lowell would probably have the best Cambodian, Laos, and Vietnamese restaurants. Current picks are Southeast Asian restaurant and Pho Da Lat.

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        Lowell is awesome for asian rest: My favorites are Southeast Asia on Market St. (awesome buffet for lunch too) and Pho 88 in Drum Hill (Rt. 4 chelmsford/lowell line just off Rt. 3).

        If Lawrence isn't too far, we just found an excellent Mexican - Cafe Azteca (fellow chowhounders sent us and we loved it). but also in Nashua is La Carrata (excellent).

        If you like Portugese - in Lowell, just across the street from Southeast Asia on Market st. is Friends - fabulous fabulous food. Also Cavalero's is awesome (they won a recent award)

        For sushi/japanese - we love Sakura in Chelmsford on Summer St., very fresh, nice people, nice quiet ambiance.

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          ??? Ah Gin Wong a "very nice" chinese restaurant?? You can get a big americanized combo plate here for cheap money but i certainly wouldnt classify it as very nice. Its a store front in a strip mall and the food is ok but very heavy on the msg.

          There is a new chinese takeout place in acton at acton coffee/ice cream which has some very good/authentic food. I also wouldnt classify it as "very nice" but very good food.

          Agree that Ken's American is horrible on the verge of disgusting. Same with the Yangtzee River across the st. Related to the one in lexington but the food and service are both horrible at the Littleton location for some reason.

          Woo Jung is very good but some of the menu items are hit/miss. The Scallion pancake is excellent, worth going just for that. (not like the chinese type).

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            What/where is this Acton Coffee/Ice Cream place and accompanying new Chinese takeout place. I've either never heard of it or am not fully understanding you.

            1. re: Keithel

              Do some searches on it on the boston board there are several threads on it and some of my photos. Also some on my blog.
              It is on rt27 near the acton Train station, right before you get to the bridge. Erickson Grain is on the opposite side of the bridge on the other side of the road. It is a blue house with chinese food in the basement. Their site is and they have the menu there. See the other threads for what to order. Apps and americanized chinese are not their strong points. Its excellent for cantonese type dishes. Noodles, s&p prep, steamed ribs w/ black bean, etc...

              Here is one thread

              And another

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                Ahh! I know the ice cream place you mean.. (never been, but have passed it a fair number of times). I didn't realize there was a new chinese takeout place there. I'm all for avoiding americanized chinese dishes (with occasional exception to Lo Mein).

                I'll have to stop by there sometime and take home some cantonese dishes :)

                1. re: hargau

                  Gah.. I hate the fact that I have to read both the New England board, and the Boston Area board. Now I do indeed know where it is, and all info sounds great.. I'll have to order from there soon.

                  Hopefully Google Maps will find this place soon.

          2. In Maynard there is a tiny Korean restaurant, Little Pusan. Fantastic food.

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