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Nov 2, 2007 12:20 AM

What is the best tacos in queens? [Moved from The Best board]

What is it? street cart or restaurant?

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  1. The taco truck at 40th st and Queens blvd is my vote. Or one of them anyway. There's something special about these particular tacos. I'd pretty much never order pollo at any of the other trucks, but his is FLAVORFUL! Wow! Maybe I'll stop by tonight!

    1. i must agree - the taco truck takes the best taco title for all of nyc. (it's crazy when you think about it). but please - before you doubt, spend $2 on a asada taco and fall in love. get it with all the fixin's. you won't be disappointed.

      1. I haven't been to that truck, but the truck at on Roosevelt at 52nd street near the subway stop is my local and their Carnitas beat any I've had at tacquerias on Roosevelt or in Sunset Park, to my taste. I'm also super partial to the Pastor tacos at De Mole, though their other options, while good, aren't as special as other places.

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          Both of these trucks are great. I go to both of them all the time, as well as the more popular of the 2 carts in front of the 74th St. subway station. Further down Roosevelt though is a truck that apparently makes fresh tortillas for their tacos. Haven't been there yet.

        2. There was a thread on this subject just recently (but specifically focusing on Roosevelt Avenue) which includes a link to a Robert Sietsema taco crawl:

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          1. Tacos Guichos - Gleane St and Roosevelt Avenue (around 83rd street in front of the Soverign Bank) . Best Taco street cart ever! Hopefully, if I can convince my friends we will all try Taqueria Coatzingo tonight, which has been praised on CH...

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                Coatzingo - 76-05 Roosevelt Avenue. Went for the first time this weekend, tacos were great - maybe even besting Guichos! I had a chicken and a carnitas. I also tried the carnitas en salsa verde. Meat was tasty with the perfect amount of spiciness and it was so tender that it fell apart to the touch of a fork. Since it came with tortillas (and the rice and frijoles that came with the carnitas were only so-so), I just made more tacos out of the carnitas.