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Best pizza in queens??

What is the best pizza in queens? Also what is the most "italian"?

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    1. re: lilwalter

      Nick's of course (that's Forest Hills). I also like Rosa's sicilian and grandma slices when in Maspeth. But for sentimental value I'll mention Alba's in Briarwood, Dani's in Kew Gardens, and Angelo's on Main Street towards Flushing. Haven't been for a while but Dee's is interesting on Metropolitan Ave.

      1. re: guttergourmet

        Rosa's on 69th Street [same owners as FreshPond] has one of the best onion pizza's. Their regular pizza is just okay. There really is NO BEST as you say it's subjective. Too many pizza places are not consistent Tortonno's for one. BTW, Tortonno's does not use fresh mozzarella. Fresh is moist and theirs is not. I'm referring to precooked mozzarella. Very few use Grande mozzarella which is in my opinion one of if not the best, but of course it more expensive that the other stuff that's around.

    2. -Rosa's fresh pond road location in Ridgewood
      -Nicks in Forest Hills is good but it's brick oven and it's pricey, good house salads and cannoli's as well.
      By Italian are you only searching for Brick Oven style? Or are you after onion/bread crumb style pizza, or grandma slice style?

      Specify what you're after and you'll get a more detailed response....also, asking questions with "best" is not the "best" way to generate discussion...maybe ask for people's favorites, as it's subjective, and pizza and burgers best of generate alot of difference of opinion on the boards.

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        janie, you must be old to remember Gloria's. They are looong gone. The owners did open another pizza joint called Amore's which was as good. They like all the them started to cut corners and make pure crap. Blended or Imitation mozzarella was used, you needed 5 sheets of paper towels to blot. I stopped going there 15 years ago, but they're still busy because most do not know a good pizza.

        1. re: Remag1234

          Go back, I eat there regularly, no blotting needed. Not atisanal pizza, just a great local slice joint.

      2. I know this won't help because it's long gone, but I really miss Gloria's on Main St in Flushing. I think that anyone who remembers Gloria's will agree that they had by far the best pizza in Queens. Does anyone remember Gloria's and agree with me?

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        1. re: ajs42548

          I grew up on Glorias pizza and sausage rolls. Many a wasted weekend was saved there.

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            Over the years there has been debates, friendly of course, about the best pizza in Queens. There have also been a number of posts about the original Gloria's In the Linden Plaza Shopping Center across from the DMV in Whitestone is Amore Pizza. I happen to think it is one of the very best slice joints in Queens. The owners claim to be family members of the original owners of Gloria's. Give them a try and at worst you will get a terrific slice and best you may get a taste of the past.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              I definitely agree with you about Amore Pizza. It is a taste of the past for me as well, and I did not grow up in Queens. I think it is the best pizza I have had in a long time and is very reminicscent of the pizza I grew up on in lower Manhattan. I also like the pizza at New Park in Howard Beach - nice crispy crust - but the sauce is just a little bit too sweet.

            2. re: ajs42548

              I haven't thought about Gloria's in years. Yes, it is the pizza I compare all pizza to (at least in my mind). I can remember the crowd's being three deep waiting for a new pie to come out of the oven and the girl behind the counter sliding a piece to me because I was a very regular customer.

            3. Gino's on Springfield Boulevard, right off the Horace Harding. Miss that pizza almost every day, lived on it in high school.

              1. When in the Jamaica/Hillside area, you could do far worse than the no-frills, nuts and bolts slice they serve up at Margarita's, located on Jamaica Avenue bet. 163rd and 164th (walking distance from the Queens Center E line).

                Although I wouldn't nominate this slice as being the best, there is no doubt in my mind that it is, by far, the greasiest I've ever tasted. A literal reservoir of oil formed when I folded the crust. No matter, the cheese was just hot and gooey enough, the crust not crispy yet firm - this was the old-school NYC slice that lots of people on this site pine away for.

                I first read about this joint right here, on a post from this past summer, and I'm glad I now have a go-to spot for pizza when I hit the Merrick branch library. This pizzeria is hard to miss; amidst a series of chains, department stores and such, the long counter, lime green walls and the old fashioned wall menu sign make Margarita's a true slice out of the past.

                As I dabbed at some grease with my napkin, I overheard some high school kids, passing by on Jamaica Avenue, shout, "Yo man, this place makes the best pizza!"

                1. Pancun you live in woodside, so in woodside you really have only 2 real Italian pizza joints left Pepino's and Pizza Boy. But right up 69 street in Maspeth is Rosa's ..Best Sicilian pizza in New York.

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                  1. re: Frankie

                    Exactly, these are the best around here. Peppino's uses generic ingredients, but usually takes care in preparation. If you're ordering a pie here I often find them amenable to making it "well done," which means the crust comes out nicely crispy. Rosa's down on 69th in Maspeth is better (but a little hard to reach without a car), particularly for sicilian slices and sicilian pie variations (grandma, sfigione...).

                    1. re: Woodside Al

                      amore's is one of my top choices. the turnover is so quick there, you're almost always guaranteed a fresh, hot slice. it's also thin crust, which is different from most of the regular pizza joints in queens.

                      i like vipizza on bell in bayside when i'm in the area. it's a very familial atmosphere and also busy enough that the slices are fairly fresh.

                      for "fancier" pizza, you can't go wrong with nick's on ascan. their calzones, salads and cannolis (i believe from an outside source) are all top notch.

                  2. How is Corona Pizza doing these days? My mother used to swear by it but she also grew up on it.

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                    1. re: JFores

                      Sucks ass now, i feel better ordering dominos that corona pizza. Rosas is great and Pizza sam on northern blvd and 89th is really good. there sicilians are super filling

                      1. re: JFores

                        The old man let the place go to sh*t. Real sad cuz they were top notch back in the day. Bar none the best regular in Queens is Amore aka Gloria's. Dont even bother looking elsewhere. I tried and failed. For the best square I would give it to either VIP or Cascarino. If your a fan of the rare Sesame Slice I would give Caruana's a try in Maspeth. For the record Rosa's id overrated and has suffered from over expansion and trying to be everything to everybody. An honorable mention goes to Carlos on Metro for a regular.

                        1. re: fcara

                          caruana's is now called Joey's, I havent tried them yet for pizza but their meatball parm hero was big but they put to much garlic in the meatballs. I like Rosa's on 69th st. Just tried nicks on austin st really good but pricey. and I dont think they have a brick oven I thinkl its just an new style pizza oven its all stainless steel with a gas burner inside of it and i didnt see any bricks inside nor did they add any wood to the oven. Dee's on Metropolitan has brick oven and there also very good.

                          1. re: howster

                            I doubt this place has the best slices by New Yorker's standards. But Barone Pizza under the LIRR bridge in Flushing makes nice consistent slices. Always hot and crispy, decent sauce and cheese, nice crust; it's my favorite slice so far. I've heard of Romeo's in Fresh Meadows being recommended on the St. John's thread, and it's nowhere as good, so I have to at least recommend Barone.

                            Lucia on Roosevelt Ave. in Flushing is pretty good also, but I prefer Barone for whatever reason.

                            Flushing used to have a few other places. I grew up in the 90's, so I still remember Gloria's. The last time I had them was during opening day at Shea in 1997. It was rained out completely, but I still remember eating that slice under the 7 train. It had a great sauce. It's good to hear Amore's is really Gloria's. I might make a trip there one day, and see if that arcade is in the shopping plaza still.

                            There was also this place in Flushing called Popeye's. It had nothing to do with the chicken franchise. It existed until maybe 1998 or 1999; a bank and Starbucks sits in its place nowadays. The slices were only a dollar back then, and they were nice, hot, and crispy as well.

                            1. re: dchan

                              I like Lucia and Amore, but every now and then I'll schlep back to Astoria for some Polito's (Steinway & Broadway).

                              I guess you could consider these three "strizza" (street pizza)? :)

                              1. re: PlomeekSoup

                                Ja. That's a great term for what I guess would be considered 'common people' pizza.

                                It may not be those fancy-schmancy fresh mozzarella, basil, and sauce pies, but it's still pretty damn good pizza nevertheless. It's pizza which you can order a couple of slices and finish all within five minutes.

                                1. re: PlomeekSoup

                                  Ahhhh Polito's....good call. Great triangle slice, very cheesy. Ever tried Frankie's in astoria under the Ditmars N train stop? That's my fav astoria pizza joint. A lot of people like Rizzo's but I don't. Every time I get a slice at Rizzo's the blotch of cheese in the center fall soff in one bite, and that shouldnt happen.

                          2. re: JFores

                            Not good at all in its current incarnation. I see the old owner is still there. But standards have dropped...a lot. He has employees making the pizza nowadays that don't know a slice from a hole in the wall. I grew up on 55th Ave in Corona in the 80s. As a kid, I went to the old Corona Pizza (before it burnt down, I think, or whatever was the reason it closed), on the other side of Spaghetti Park, opposite its current location. I didn't know it at the time, but I was having the best NYC, traditional metal-oven slice at that time. Thin, crispy crust. When you folded a slice in half, it would crack, and all the oil would drip out the back end. The slice was so loaded with cheese and sauce that the tip of the slice, as hearty as the crust was, would bend over from the weight of the cheese. And you could never take a clean bite - there would always be a bridge of cheese leading from your mouth to the slice. I currently judge all NYC pizza by that standard. None has measured up. I took a nostalgic trip back to the old neighborhood about a year or so ago. But CP in its current incarnation does not even come close to what it once was. Very sad...