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Nov 2, 2007 12:16 AM

Best pizza in queens??

What is the best pizza in queens? Also what is the most "italian"?

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    1. re: lilwalter

      Nick's of course (that's Forest Hills). I also like Rosa's sicilian and grandma slices when in Maspeth. But for sentimental value I'll mention Alba's in Briarwood, Dani's in Kew Gardens, and Angelo's on Main Street towards Flushing. Haven't been for a while but Dee's is interesting on Metropolitan Ave.

      1. re: guttergourmet

        Rosa's on 69th Street [same owners as FreshPond] has one of the best onion pizza's. Their regular pizza is just okay. There really is NO BEST as you say it's subjective. Too many pizza places are not consistent Tortonno's for one. BTW, Tortonno's does not use fresh mozzarella. Fresh is moist and theirs is not. I'm referring to precooked mozzarella. Very few use Grande mozzarella which is in my opinion one of if not the best, but of course it more expensive that the other stuff that's around.

    2. -Rosa's fresh pond road location in Ridgewood
      -Nicks in Forest Hills is good but it's brick oven and it's pricey, good house salads and cannoli's as well.
      By Italian are you only searching for Brick Oven style? Or are you after onion/bread crumb style pizza, or grandma slice style?

      Specify what you're after and you'll get a more detailed response....also, asking questions with "best" is not the "best" way to generate discussion...maybe ask for people's favorites, as it's subjective, and pizza and burgers best of generate alot of difference of opinion on the boards.

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      1. re: janie

        janie, you must be old to remember Gloria's. They are looong gone. The owners did open another pizza joint called Amore's which was as good. They like all the them started to cut corners and make pure crap. Blended or Imitation mozzarella was used, you needed 5 sheets of paper towels to blot. I stopped going there 15 years ago, but they're still busy because most do not know a good pizza.

        1. re: Remag1234

          Go back, I eat there regularly, no blotting needed. Not atisanal pizza, just a great local slice joint.

      2. I know this won't help because it's long gone, but I really miss Gloria's on Main St in Flushing. I think that anyone who remembers Gloria's will agree that they had by far the best pizza in Queens. Does anyone remember Gloria's and agree with me?

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        1. re: ajs42548

          I grew up on Glorias pizza and sausage rolls. Many a wasted weekend was saved there.

          1. re: ajs42548

            Over the years there has been debates, friendly of course, about the best pizza in Queens. There have also been a number of posts about the original Gloria's In the Linden Plaza Shopping Center across from the DMV in Whitestone is Amore Pizza. I happen to think it is one of the very best slice joints in Queens. The owners claim to be family members of the original owners of Gloria's. Give them a try and at worst you will get a terrific slice and best you may get a taste of the past.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              I definitely agree with you about Amore Pizza. It is a taste of the past for me as well, and I did not grow up in Queens. I think it is the best pizza I have had in a long time and is very reminicscent of the pizza I grew up on in lower Manhattan. I also like the pizza at New Park in Howard Beach - nice crispy crust - but the sauce is just a little bit too sweet.

            2. re: ajs42548

              I haven't thought about Gloria's in years. Yes, it is the pizza I compare all pizza to (at least in my mind). I can remember the crowd's being three deep waiting for a new pie to come out of the oven and the girl behind the counter sliding a piece to me because I was a very regular customer.

            3. Gino's on Springfield Boulevard, right off the Horace Harding. Miss that pizza almost every day, lived on it in high school.

              1. When in the Jamaica/Hillside area, you could do far worse than the no-frills, nuts and bolts slice they serve up at Margarita's, located on Jamaica Avenue bet. 163rd and 164th (walking distance from the Queens Center E line).

                Although I wouldn't nominate this slice as being the best, there is no doubt in my mind that it is, by far, the greasiest I've ever tasted. A literal reservoir of oil formed when I folded the crust. No matter, the cheese was just hot and gooey enough, the crust not crispy yet firm - this was the old-school NYC slice that lots of people on this site pine away for.

                I first read about this joint right here, on a post from this past summer, and I'm glad I now have a go-to spot for pizza when I hit the Merrick branch library. This pizzeria is hard to miss; amidst a series of chains, department stores and such, the long counter, lime green walls and the old fashioned wall menu sign make Margarita's a true slice out of the past.

                As I dabbed at some grease with my napkin, I overheard some high school kids, passing by on Jamaica Avenue, shout, "Yo man, this place makes the best pizza!"