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Nov 2, 2007 12:00 AM

need Ugandan recipe for potluck tomorrow [Moved from Africa board]

I want to make a recipe from Uganda for a potluck tomorrow night, but I am having trouble finding something. Anything would be fine, including dessert or appetizer, but it needs to be meat (chicken/beef/lamb/pork)-less. thanks for your help.

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  1. The best place to find African recipes is the congo cookbook
    On the left side you'll see a link for recipe index. If you go there, you can look up recipes by country. They had 5 or 6 recipes from Uganda. I didn't look at them to see if they were meatless. If they are, perhaps you can find a recipe from a close-by country and pass it off as Ugandan. Good luck!

    1. The easiest hot dish is probably a luwombo. My wife is Ugandan and we make it sometimes. Essentially you take a pot with a steamer basket in the bottom and line the whole thing with banana leaves. Fill the leaves with onion, tomato, kale and mushrooms (or any other veg you have, though mushroom is the classic veg luwombo). Add some stock (usually just water with a bouillon cube) and steam the whole thing until well done. Peel back the leaves and serve. (A good variation is to add thinned peanut butter with the stock)

      Also a popular snack to make would be cassava with kichumbari. Boil or steam peeled cassava (sold as yam in US groceries) until starting to soften. Drain and let dry fully. Then fry in vegetable oil until golden. Kichumbari is essentially pico de gallo, tomatoes, onion (preferably red) and peppers (typically jalepenos), mixed together with a little vinegar and salt.

      Another popular side is cabbage salad. My wife makes it by thinly shredding a white cabbage and onions. Put all that in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Let sit until cool and the cabbage is somewhat limp, but still with a bit of crunch. Mix with a little vinegar and salt, and serve with sticks of green pepper and round slices of tomato and carrot.

      1. Greens are popular; think something thick and hearty (kale/collard) rather than thin (spinach). Beans in a stew are typical too.

        The most popular starch in Uganda is green plantains (boiled & mashed). Another popular starch is cornmeal (polenta). Also chapatis.

        You can fry cassava without boiling it first; it comes out fine. I personally prefer it in a stew over fried, because it is ultra-dry in texture when fried, but there's nothing wrong with it. If fried, you could also just add some chili pepper and lime, and serve as an appetizer perhaps. Barbecued starchy corn (not so much the sweet, young corn) is a fun item, like street food. But it sure is tasty!

        1. I wish I had my favorite cookbook here to tell you it: Its called the (something) table? maybe. It's from ten thousand villages and has simple recipes from all over the world in it. Basically it the staples from every country, so it tends to have a lot of grain dishes, breads, and vegetables. Such a great book. Sort of off topic, but thought I should mention it.