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Nov 1, 2007 11:29 PM

THE KEYS: VEGETARIAN or Vegie Friendly

Hey All, I'm head out to FLA from SF and I'm going on a bike trip from Key Largo to Key West and back again. We'll be stopping for lunches along the way around Islamorada, Marathon, and Cudjoe, Sugar Loaf keys. Also we'll be spending a day or so in Key West. Does anyone have any vegetarian friendly restaurant recommendation?



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  1. Blue Heaven. It is not only one of the most recommended restaurants (and one of my personal favorites) but it is also GREAT for vegetarians. Check out their menus!

    blue heaven
    key west, fl, key west, fl

    1. I am not a fan of Blue Heaven and neither are my vegetarian friends. They love this place in KW. The Cafe, A Mostly Vegetarian Place. You will find that most places offer something or will make you something if you do not see anything on the menu. There are a lot of vegetarians in KW.
      Good Food Conspiracy around mile marker 30 is another good place to stop.

      1. I never have a hard time finding stuff to eat in key west. We usually are too busy drinking to stop for dinner (oops) but most places have at least one veggie sammy other than a grilled cheese. One we always stop at is Willie T's around fourth and duvall ... my meat eater loves it, and I always have a couple of choices. Schooner's Wharf is bar food, but they have a veggie wrap that's respectable. I like blue heaven. Old Town Mexican Cafe is decent. - beans and rice are veggie friendly. The Rum Barrel has a few options, surprisingly. I have vague memories of eating at kelly's carribean and mangoes, but I can't remember if it was good eating or "pasta-hold-the-chicken" eating. SaraBeth's is outstanding for breakfast and lunch with many options - one would assume for dinner also. If you're out-out at night, check out the street meat vendors: A couple of them have veggie dogs. Wherever we go, I always get drunken street meat envy, so this is a treat for me!

        On the way TO key west is another problem. Any time we've stopped, I think I've had grilled cheese and fries. Might want to take some gu and power bars ;) I'd be interested to hear about your ride. Sounds like something we'd really enjoy.