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Nov 1, 2007 10:45 PM

Suggestions for Thai food n.scottsdale/phx area?

Looking for more Thai selections in the N. scottsdale/phx area. or maybe as far south as chandler since i ocaissonally will head down to Lee Lee.

So far the two i like the best are Osha on FLW near Shea and Thaipan at pinacle peak.

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  1. Those 2 are the best in the area. Malee's in Desert Ridge is usually very good (although lunch seems to be spotty). I've been underwhelmed by thadee thai and pink pepper).

    1. Osha is our favorite Thai, but Thaipan is right up there too. Avoid Swaddee at 90th. Yupha Thai in Tempe is really good and it's got a great atmosphere. It's hard to top Osha, IMHO though. If you search this board or go to, you can find a review of Yupha by Seth Chadwick. Their tom kha kai was just a little bit below Osha's, but it was still a very good soup. My g/f and I both loved what we got (Drunken Noodles for me, can't remember what she got).

      Yupha's Thai Kitchen
      1020 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284

      1. Have you tried Rama Thai? Pretty decent and fairly authentic Thai place. Not as good as Nakorn Thai in LA or Silapachai in NY but the best I've had so far in Phoenix.

        1221 W. Camelback Road
        Phoenix, AZ 85013

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          Thai Rama? Yeah, we've been. It's ok. My g/f didn't find anything she liked there.

        2. I like Krua Thai at 16th St. and Bell Road. It is a tiny place (so I kind of hate to let my secret out), but really great.

          Great curries and tofu dishes.

          Warning, they make their food spicy, so even if you order medium, it tends to be pretty hot. If you have an aversion to spice, order mild.

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            I did enjoy Krua the time I went. I just keep forgetting they are there. :) They define "hole in the wall". :)