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Nov 1, 2007 10:25 PM

Help with fish markets in San Diego

I would like to find a place with an Iowa Meats vibe - Good product with a nice helpful staff


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  1. Try Bay Park Fish off Morena Blvd. Superb quality.

    1. My friends and I love El Pescador Fish Market in La Jolla. It's on Pearl, in the same small strip as Wahoo's. The guys that work there are all really friendly and the fish is great. You can stop in and have them make you an amazing sandwich, salad, or plate as well. Their clam chowder is also some of the best I have ever had.

      1. Blue Water Grill on India a couple blocks south of Washington Blvd. Family owned and operated, have never gotten a bad piece of fresh fish from them. Counter help is nicer than IMFs and will customize your fish purchase for you if you ask, i.e. remove pin bones, deskin, etc.

        Point Loma Seafood and Whole Foods in Hillcrest are also good fish/seafood choices, though without the homey atmosphere.

        1. Pt Loma Seafoods and I've always done pretty well with the Fish Market in Del Mar. I think the bayside one sells fresh fish as well.

          1. The Fishery on Cass Street in Pacific Beach is my go-to spot for fresh fish. They have a wholesale operation that enables them to obtain some incrediblly fresh varieties on a daily basis. Plus, their restaurant is awesome - try the swordfish tacos.