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Nov 1, 2007 10:13 PM

Cleveland - Liquor Store

My girlfriend and I are visiting Cleveland for the day on Saturday, and we want to stop by a liquor store to pick up some spirits that are hard to find in Pittsburgh. Number one on the list is rye, since I love it and it's almost impossible to find in the state stores here.

I'd appreciate a recommendation for a high-quality liquor store.


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  1. Unfortunately - Ohio liquor is also a state-controlled monopoly, so there isn't a lot of variety among liquor stores. I do think that I've seen rye, though, so try any store that you come across.

    Enjoy your time in Cleveland - where are you dining?

    1. Where will you be? Most of the stores carry the same stuff, as Nancy said. I have only seen one kind of rye in the stores, and no bars have it, so you may not be able to find it.

      Where will you be? If you're downtown, I know there's a small liquor store next to Jac's, which is on the E side of W. 6th street between Lakeside and St. Clair.

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        Perhaps this is predictable of us, but we'll be eating at Lola. I didn't realize that Ohio was state-run as well. Sigh.

        1. re: mhoffman

          Not predictable at all! You will love it.

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          that liquor store moved to the east flats, and is at St Clair and W.10th. The Velvet Tango Room has a great coctails, not sure about rye.
 It is a hop skip and jump from Lola and great for after dinner drinks. Enjoy your visit

        3. Although liquor is under state control, stores are now privately run. The one that I have found with the best selection of both wine and liquor is Minnotti's in Rocky River (though they have other stores that I haven't been to) Maybe you could give them a call. (Though you may have already come and gone by the time I responded.)

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            I have come and gone. (Lola was AMAZING.) Thanks for the help though.

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              hey randy is the change to ohio liquor stores being run privately making any difference in the variety offered?

              1. re: mrnyc

                I haven't noticed it - the state still dictates what they are and are not allowed to sell (which really affects the choice of liquers available, because they favor the crummy Ohio-based Paramount brand) and they still actually purchase it from the state. For example, as of right now, Paramount is the only brand of Cherry Brandy you can get - the state took DeKuyper off the list several months ago, and there are no other choices.

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                  Since vodka is my poison of choice, I judge by the vodka selection. Of course, the number of vodkas on the market has grown substantially over the past years -- which may skew the comparison. But I can tell you that there is a wide selection of high-end and flavored vodkas at Minnotti's -- far better than at other liquor stores (for instance, the liquore store in the Sapell's grocery store on West 117th St.), and much better than I remember in the old horribly-managed state stores (where the selection was paltry, and the help was surly on their best day).